Gianluca Vacchi Celebrates His Baby’s First Month Of Life With a Tender Dance

Gianluca Vacchi celebrates the first month of life of Blu Jerusalems with a tender post on Instagram

Gianluca Vacchi and his girlfriend, the model Sharon fonsecaThey are happy because their first daughter in common, Blu Jerusalema she was one month old.


The Italian businessman did not miss the date and sh ared with his followers on Instagram this first “birthday” with a very tender post.

It is a TikTok video that he reposted on Instagram in which the couple is seen hugging while they tenderly hold the girl, who is covered with a pink blanket while the song is heard in the background If the World Was Ending from JP Saxe.

“A month ago we received the best gift of our life, and to celebrate it we just want to close our eyes and touch the pure soul of our princess. I love you both, you are the reason for my life,” he wrote Gianluca Vacchi, in this publication that in one day has already registered more than one million 71 thousand 784 views.

Sharon He also shared the same video, which he accompanied with this message: “The deep meaning of love and family … close your eyes and touch the pure soul of our princess. Celebrating a month of his arrival ”.

A couple of weeks ago Gianluca Vacchi had shared another video in which we see him walking Blu Jerusalema. According to the Italian, during this walk dad and daughter did their first dance.

Further Sharon He already gave some details about the girl: “(Gianluca) he doesn’t stop seeing her and she calms down when she’s in his arms… Also, I’m starting to think that she got something out of her personality and character, ”revealed the actress and model on Instagram.