Gina Rodríguez Apologizes For Singing Racial Insult | Stage

NEW YORK – Actress Gina Rodriguez apologized for singing a verse from Fugees in chorus on her Instagram stories that includes the word with N historically used to disparaging African Americans.

The star of Jane the Virgin deleted the short video she posted yesterday and replaced it with an apology, but not before unleashing memes and criticisms on the networks. Rodriguez said in his apology that he was a former fan of Fugees and Lauryn Hill and that his intention was not to offend anyone.

He sang in chorus Ready or Not and recited the racial insult sitting in a makeup chair.


Part of the outrage focused on comments Rodriguez made last year at a round table. He said that black women in Hollywood are better paid than Latino women. Detractors said the highest paid TV actress in the world that year was Sofia Vergara, from Colombia.