Gloria Estefan, The Latina Who Had Already Stolen The Super Bowl Show Twice

The Latin presence of Shakira in the halftime show will be a novelty for many of the spectators of the 54th edition of the Super Bowl, but it must be remembered that on the court of the famous sports meeting, salsa was already danced and already sung in Spanish thanks to the legendary Gloria Estefan. Gloria Estefan. Photo: Isabel Infantes / PA Images via Getty Images More It is not about taking credit from Shakira, who will share the stage with Jennifer Lopez in a show that will serve, as promised, to “honor Latinos and remember the strength we are in this country and in the world”. During the press conference where critics rained the Colombian woman for not presenting herself as glamorous as the singer with Puerto Rican roots, they said that with her show they will try to “redefine the concept of age, strength, discipline and what it means to be a Latina woman “But if someone had already defined the power of Latin women in the entertainment industry, it is Gloria Estefan. She was born in Cuba but grew up in the United States, and although she studied Psychology, in the 70s she met Emilio Estefan, who convinced her to be the vocalist of his band, The Miami Sound Machine. They achieved success with songs like ‘Conga’, but she decided to launch herself as a soloist in the late 1980s, but in 1990 she was prostrated in a wheelchair after the breakage of two vertebrae during a road accident, but Gloria did not know He gave up and after a long rehabilitation, he returned to music with successful albums such as ‘Into the light’ (1991) and the classic ‘Mi Tierra’ (1993). It was during that time that he was for the first time in the Super Bowl halftime show. He shared the stage with Olympic art skaters Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill, in a show that included dancers and war bands on the court. On that occasion, in 1992, Gloria sang two songs in English, including her hit ‘Get on your feet’, which decades later would give the title for her biographical musical work that premiered on Broadway. A year later there was Michael Jackson, who redefined the part-time shows, so since then, they only open the doors to great music figures to squander talent and production. That’s why it’s no surprise that when Gloria Estefan was again part of the halftime show, her show was an energy bomb. In 1999, in front of a stadium in Miami, Florida, Stevie Wonder and the band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy participated, but Gloria Estefan was the big star of the night. That time he sang the song ‘Oye’ in Spanish, in addition to ‘Turn the beat around’ and ‘You’ll Be Mine’. Definitely Gloria Estefan was instrumental in opening the US music industry to artists of Latin origin, and Shakira knows it. It is not surprising to remember that the Colombian trusted Emilio Estefan to produce several of his albums, such as ‘Where are the thieves?’, ‘MTV Unplugged’ and ‘Laundry service’, a production that included themes in English and that made the original of Barranquilla in an international star. In fact, it was Gloria Estefan and her husband who encouraged Shakira to sing in English and perform the coveted crossover. The Cuban translated some hits from the Colombian to English and promoted that the label agreed to record a whole album in that language. “She didn’t think I could do it. She is a poet, so I listened to her songs in Spanish and listened to it in my head. I did ‘Inevitable’ and a couple more; she is very competitive, so in the minute she saw an entry , I taught him that he could do it, he said ‘I can do it,’ “Gloria told Oprah Winfrey. It took 20 years for the NFL to consider another Latina to appear in the Super Bowl halftime. This is a time when organizers admit that the Hispanic audience is increasing and do not hesitate to consent. In fact, it has even changed the way the Latin press is treated, or confirmed by Mexican journalist Inés Sainz, who carries information for Azteca Deportes. Read more “This is my 19th Super Bowl and it is the first time at the conference In the press I can ask questions in Spanish. They are dealing very well with the Latino media, because they know that through us you can reach many people, “Inés told the BBC. Details of the songs that Shakira are unknown she will interpret, but surely she will do it in Spanish and English, twenty years after Gloria Estefan urged her to be the star that this weekend will be seen by at least 100 million people in the world.