Goalkeeper Of Honduras: If Haaland Put 2 To Keylor, I Don’t

Goalkeeper Of Honduras: If Haaland Put 2 To Keylor, I Don’t

José Garcia, titular goalkeeper of the National Team of Honduras in the U-20 World Cup in Poland 2019, spoke of the moment in which Erling Haaland, the fierce scorer of Borussia Dortmund, scored nine goals in the historic goal that Norway starred against Central American team that nothing could do to avoid 12-0 when the score ended.

Haalnd took all the reflectors to himself, and various clubs wanted to take him to their ranks after the world championship goal scorer was crowned, but it was Dortmund who ended up buying the services of the attacker to Salzburg.

After this, the Honduran national goalkeeper spoke to TEN about how much the Norwegian has grown and it was clear to say that it was obvious that he was going to score 9 goals if Keylor Navas scored two in the round of 16 of the Champions League.


“According to the level he showed in that game I always said that if he scored nine goals for us, he had the ability to play in any big team in Europe. It is a pride for us to have faced the best young player of today.”

“Now that I see it, I say: ‘If he nailed two to Keylor Navas, he was not going to score me’, I see him scoring many goals in the matches. If one day he touched the rematch we would give him everything,” said the archer Catracho .

Haaland numbers

Erling Haaland accumulates the impressive amount of 12 goals with Borussia Dortmund in just 8 games, two of them are in the UEFA Champions League.



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