Goals And Summary Of Honduras 1-0 Costa Rica In The CONCACAF U-20 Pre-World Cup. | 06/22/2022

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18:244 hours ago90′


The game ends Honduras 1-0 Costa Rica.

18:09 4 hours ago85′

Last minutes of the match Honduras is taking the 3 points in matchday 3.

18:034 hours ago80′

Honduras defends itself in a great way in the final part of the match, they want to take the victory and the 3 points.

17:594 hours ago75′

Costa Rica looks for the equalizer with 15 minutes remaining.

17:544 hours ago70′

Various modifications are made to the match.

17:454 hours ago65′

Honduras’s goal opens the scoring in the match.

17:444 hours ago60′

Honduras is close to the goal, but still without clarity.

17:38 5 hours ago55′

Costa Rica has the most dangerous plays but still cannot be clear.

17:335 hours ago50′

There are no changes to the match yet.

17:32 5 hours ago45′

Start the second part.

17:17 5 hours ago45′

The first half ends Honduras 0-0 Costa Rica.

17:10 5 hours ago40′

Last minutes of the first half, everything seems to indicate that we will go without scoring at the break.

17:04 5 hours ago35′

The score continues tied without annotations.

16:59 5 hours 30 minutes ago

Yellow Card for Sorto from Honduras.

16:525 hours ago25′

Honduras has 2 shots on goal, while Costa Rica has yet to get a shot on goal.

16:43 5 hours ago 15′

Little by little Honduras presses and begins to have arrivals of danger.

16:37 6 hours ago10′

The two teams fight hard for the ball and there is still no dominator.

16:336 hours ago5′

Costa Rica dominates at the start of the match.

16:306 hours agoStart of Match

The match between Honduras and Costa Rica begins.

16:296 hours agoGrand entrance

Great entrance at the Morazán Stadium for one of the best matches of day 3, Honduras does not stop encouraging its team that will seek to reach the World Cup of the category in Indonesia 2023.

16:27 6 hours agoFor the lead

These two teams are playing for the leadership of the group, Honduras as the host will seek to ensure their ticket to the next round, while Costa Rica will seek to surprise and defeat one of the most difficult teams in the tournament.

16:20 6 hours agoAll ready

Everything ready for the start of the match, the two teams prepare to jump onto the field for the kick-off.

16:15 6 hours ago They are already warming up

The two teams already go out to warm up 30 minutes before the start of the match.

16:10 6 hours ago Lineups 16:05 6 hours ago They arrive at the stadium

The two teams are already in the stadium and are getting ready to jump to warm up.

16:006 hours agoHobby

Little by little, the local fans arrive at the stadium for the start of one of the most exciting matches of matchday 3.

15:556 hours agoReferee

The central referee who will be in charge of dispensing justice will be the whistler Reon Radix.

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In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for Honduras vs Costa Rica, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Morazán Stadium. Don’t miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL Mexico.

15:456 hours agoWhere to watch the game Honduras vs Costa Rica?15:407 hours agoBackground

This match is very even, these two teams in the U-20 category have seen each other twice, leaving a mark of a victory for Honduras, a draw and Costa Rica has not been able to beat the Hondurans, despite that the forecast is reserved although he leans a little towards the Honduran team as it is a high-intensity match for the leadership of Group D.

15:35 7 hours ago For the World Cup in Indonesia 2023 and the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

Remember that the top four teams in the tournament will qualify for the 2023 U-20 World Cup in Indonesia as representatives of CONCACAF, while the two finalists will also qualify for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

15:307 hours agoAbsences

In this match there will be no players out due to injury or suspension, so Honduras and Costa Rica will be able to count on a full squad for what is expected to be one of the best matches in Group D, the fight for the leadership of the Group, a match that will It will fill with goals and emotions.

15:25 7 hours ago Watch out for this player from Costa Rica 15:20 7 hours ago Watch out for this player from Honduras 15:15 7 hours ago Morazán Stadium 15:10 7 hours ago Group D

In group D the situation is very close, in first place is the host of the World Cup, Honduras with 6 points, followed in second by Costa Rica with 4 points, Jamaica is in third with one point and in last place is Antigua and Barbuda without points, a group in which the leadership of group D can be defined until the last day.

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