Goals And Summary Of Pachuca 2-1 América In Liga MX Femenil 2022 | 05/05/2022

21:1335 minutes agoGoals and highlights

20:58 an hour ago96′

It’s over! Pachuca defeats América Femenil in the first duel of the quarterfinals.


20:57 an hour ago95′

Pachuca’s lethal center, but Masciarelli keeps the ball.

20:53 an hour ago92′

Change of Pachuca. Charlyn Corral leaves for Barajas.

20:47 an hour ago85′

Barriers! Great intervention by the local goalkeeper after a flash by Espinosa looking to tie the lead.

20:45 an hour ago83′

Pachuca changes. Enter Selene Cortés and Arias for Ángeles and Ocampo

20:43 an hour ago81′

Daniela Espinosa fails to control the ball and the defense anticipates and avoids danger.

20:39 an hour ago77′

It goes! Sumiko receives the second warning and the whistler kicks her out of the match.

20:37 an hour ago76′

Camberos center, but Sumiko Gutiérrez appears in the center to move the ball away from the area.

20:36 an hour ago75′

Change of America. Enter Daniela Espinoza for Sarah Luebbert.

20:34 an hour ago73′

Change of Pachuca. Ruth Bravo leaves for Norma Palafox.

20:24 an hour ago62′

Portress! Excellent flight by Masciarelli who launched himself after a whiplash by Charlyn Corral, avoiding the third of the night.

20:20 an hour ago57′

America changes. Hernández and Hauksdóttir leave for Eva González and Murillo

20:18 2 hours ago56′

Goal, goal, goal from Pachuca! Great play by Lizbeth Ángeles, she cuts inside the area and sends a lethal shot on goal to put the locals in front.

20:152 hours ago53′

Close! Luebbert was encouraged to shoot from outside the box, but the ball went into the stands.

20:102 hours ago48′

Cannon shot by Camberos, but Barreras prevents the ball from passing and the second falls.

20:06 2 hours ago45′

The match resumes for the last forty-five minutes of the first leg quarterfinals.

19:482 hours ago45+1′

The first part is over, the match is tied at one goal.

19:412 hours ago39′

Hernández’s powerful shot, but the ball goes over the goal.

19:38 2 hours ago34′

Portress! Powerful shot by Hernández, but Barreras in the background prevents the goal from falling.

19:38 2 hours 30 minutes ago

Filtered ball by Luebbert and Martínez shoots on goal, but Barreras keeps the ball.

19:382 hours ago27′

Crossbar! Salazar sent a lethal shot that ended up crashing into the top post.

19:282 hours ago23′

Goal, goal, goal for America! Cannon shot from the eleven steps of Katty Martínez and the match is tied.

19:282 hours ago21′

Penalty for America! Martinez’s half turn and the defense knocks her down.

19:17 3 hours ago 15′

Goal, goal, goal from Pachuca! Sumiko’s center that Corral pushes to the bottom to open the scoring.

19:163 hours ago14′

Cannon shot from outside Martínez’s area, but the ball goes over the goal.

19:08 3 hours ago6′

Alvarado’s defensive cut, preventing America’s play from growing.

19:023 hours ago0′

Actions begin at the Hidalgo Stadium.

18:59 3 hours agoXI America

R. Masciarelli; J. Farías, M. Rodríguez, K. Rodríguez, K. Luna; B. Cuevas, N. Hernández, S. Luebbert, S. Camberos, A. Hauksdóttir; K. Martinez.

18:593 hours agoXI Pachuca Women

E. Barriers; S. Gutierrez, K. Diaz; M. Alvarado, K. Nieto, M. Ocampo, Y. Madrid, L. Bravo; L. Angeles, C. Corral, E. Salazar.

18:54 3 hours agoTo the court

Both squads already carry out warm-ups prior to the start of the match.

18:493 hours agoThey arrived18:443 hours agoAt home

Pachuca Femenil has already made its arrival at the tuzo property, it will seek to give the first bell and leave the match with the advantage.

18:393 hours agoLast meeting

On day 16 it was the last match between these teams, the match ended with a score of four goals to zero in favor of America.

18:343 hours agoHistorical duels

These two teams have accumulated fifteen games, of which America has won 8 against Pachuca’s 4, on the other hand they have drawn three times.

18:29 3 hours ago What numbers!

América accumulates 41 goals in its favor in this Clausura 2022, numbers that it will seek to increase in this match and thus get ahead on the scoreboard.

18:24 3 hours ago Beware of this player

Scarlet Camberos is the one Pachuca will seek to avoid at all costs from reaching the goal of Barreras, the midfielder leagues 11 goals in this Clausura 2022.

18:19 3 hours ago Beware of this player

América has to be very careful with Charlyn Corral, the forward has accumulated 13 goals in her favor in the current tournament and will seek to create danger in Masciarelli’s goal.

18:14 4 hours agoWe’re back!

We are back for the match corresponding to the first leg quarterfinals of the Liga MX Femenil between Pachuca and América. Soon we will share the most relevant information on both teams, as well as the confirmed lineups.

18:09 4 hours ago Do not leave here to follow Pachuca Femenil vs América Femenil live

In a few moments we will share the starting lineups for Pachuca Femenil vs América Femenil live, in addition to the latest information that emerges from the Hidalgo Stadium. Do not miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

18:044 hours agoWhere and how to watch Pachuca Femenil vs América Femenil online and live17:594 hours agoDeclaraciones América Femenil17:544 hours agoLatest lineup América Femenil

R. Masciarelli; J. Farías, M. Rodríguez, K. Rodríguez, K. Luna; B. Cuevas, E. González, N. Mauleón, A. Pérez, S. Luebbert; K. Martinez.

17:49 4 hours agoLast lineup Pachuca Femenil

E. Barriers; S. Cortes, K. Diaz; M. Alvarado, K. Nieto, A. Balcazar, Y. Madrid; L. Angeles, C. Corral, N. Palafox, L. Cuevas.

17:44 4 hours ago Keep moving! 17:39 4 hours ago Let’s surprise! 17:34 4 hours ago The match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium

The Pachuca Femenil vs América Femenil match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium located in Pachuca, Hidalgo. The property has capacity for 25,922 people.

17:29 4 hours agoGood afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

Welcome to the live broadcast of the Pachuca Femenil vs. América Femenil match, corresponding to the First Leg Quarterfinals of the Clausura 2022 of Liga MX. The meeting will take place at the Hidalgo Stadium, at 7:00 p.m.



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