Good News! Chayanne Returns To Argentina This Month To Close Her Tour “Desde El Alma”

The success of Chayanne’s last tour is totally undeniable, and this is well deserved because he is an artist who has known how to stay true to his essence and his fans over the years.

The tour called “From the Soul” started in August 2018 and has not stopped taking concerts throughout America, the singer He started in the United States, and from there he jumped from country to country to delight all Hispanic Americans with his music. and chanting all his greatest hits at the shows in Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

The composer returns to the south this month to once again brighten the lives of his fans from these same cities, but this time he joins Mendoza in this musical party. In his concerts in Argentina the dancer stood out as always with a super band and a body of dancers as great as him, who gave their all to make those nights the best.


“What a beautiful pleasure after so many years and that we have not forgotten. Nothing is taken for granted. Each show is as if it were the first and this is my first show,” said the actor.

Further, the artist He let attendees know that it will always be a pleasure to return to this country, which is why he decided not to make the wait any longer and come soon after his last visit.