Good Nutrition Is The Best Medicine

The foods we eat in our day to day life can set the course for our present and future health. And it is that food takes on great importance and relevance in the development of our well-being and health in general. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the properties that each food can have and how is the best way to combine them so that our body can benefit to the maximum from all its nutritional value.

Food can become our best medicine, at least our best preventive medicine. In fact, the nutrition It is much more than the fact of eating well so that our body can carry out all its functions; nutrition also focuses on stimulating certain aspects of the body through the properties of each food. Thus, chronic non-communicable diseases such as obesity can be prevented through a rich, healthy, varied and balanced diet.

It is not about following a strict diet in which the consumption of calories is not allowed, but about knowing what our body needs, knowing what foods can provide it and doing so in a responsible way through food. The key is to learn more about our body and to know the different properties and benefits that a good diet can provide us.


In the nutritional balance you will find the solution to digestive problems, tiredness, fatigue and even headaches. And, of course, a balanced diet and a healthy life also favors the improvement of mood and mental health in serenity.

However, when it comes to finding that balance, it is necessary to take into account certain food intolerances or sensitivities that some people may experience when consuming certain foods. Intolerance to lactose, gluten, nuts, fish… There are many products and foods that, in certain people, can cause some mild symptoms or serious consequences on their health.

For this reason, it is just as important to maintain a balanced diet as to do it conscientiously and knowing which are the foods that our body truly tolerates and which are those that can harm or harm the body.

In this case, performing certain nutritional tests such as a food intolerance test can be of great help to our health. In addition, it is a simple, non-invasive and highly effective analysis.

Thus, for example, the Unilabs food intolerance test allows you to evaluate the response of the immune system to more than 200 common foods in the Mediterranean diet. In this way, a specific nutritional diet can be defined in a personalized way for each person, pointing out the foods that are highly recommended and marking those that should be avoided. In case of intolerance, the absorption of these nutrients can generate the production of antibodies and, therefore, develop annoying or painful symptoms such as rashes, headaches or abdominal pain.

In this way, thanks to the Unilabs food intolerance test, it is possible to achieve a more adequate diet that is related to the needs of each person, since it allows us to find out which foods are those that can cause progressive damage to our body. Thus, through this simple test, we can obtain a better quality of life and superior well-being through food.



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