Google And Apple Remove More Than 50 Applications That Sought To Manipulate Your Mobile

Millions of users around the world were victims of dozens of applications that could be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play, as they contained malware that sought to deceive people.

According to the Wandera security company, 17 of these apps were in the Apple download store, and were trying to make users click on advertisements, could upload content to Web pages in the background and make remote settings to the device.

The majority offered a supposed help to the users to facilitate the exercise at home, keep track of the steps that are taken at the end of the day or be able to listen to the radio, while other tools discovered by Wandera were available with names like “Islamic World – Qibla ”or“ Ramadan Times 2019 ”.


Wandera did not reveal how many times the applications were downloaded on iOS, while Apple confirmed to the ZDNet site that they were already removed, and that its security tools were updated to detect similar applications and prevent them from being sent to the App Store again.

On the other hand, the security firm ESET, detected more than 42 malicious applications on Android, which were available for download through Google services, and contained inside it a malware called Ashas.

Apparently, all these applications had been created by a university student of Vietnamese origin, which caused the programs to be installed more than eight million times since they debuted in app stores in July.

These programs were quite annoying, since in addition to publishing several advertisements on the mobile screen, they were connected through a remote server that sent details of the affected device.

Among these data was the type of device, software version, number of installed apps, language, model, storage space, battery status, if the developer mode was activated and finally if Facebook was installed or not.

As with Apple, these applications have already been removed from Google Play, although they may still appear in other third-party programs available for download.