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Attorneys general from 36 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit targeting Google’s Play Store, where consumers download apps designed for Android software. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday night in federal court in Northern California and represents the fourth largest antitrust lawsuit filed against Google by US government agencies since last October. The company is accused of abuse of position in the Android application market, through its Play Store, and of blowing up the competition and collecting “extravagant” commissions from developers who use the ‘marketplace’. He also points out that the technology company has developed strategies and created barriers to guarantee that it distributes more than 90% of the applications on Android devices, a market share that, according to the attorneys general, represents an illegal monopoly. “Google’s monopoly is a threat to the market,” said Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, who is leading the lawsuit along with his peers in New York, Tennessee and North Carolina, the AP reported. “Google Play is not a fair game. Google should be held responsible for harming small businesses and consumers. “Trump announces lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter and Google alleging censorship His accounts on Facebook and Twitter were suspended for fear that his messages would incite acts of violence such as the attack. to the Capitol. Now the former president announces legal action against the three giants of social networks. The three past lawsuits, including a case filed by the US Department of Justice, are focused on alleged abuses of the motor. Google’s dominant search and digital advertising network. Litigation targeting the Play Store online store of apps and other digital content for Android smartphones comes as the power of Big Tech firms comes under increasing pressure. greater of the regulators and the demands In addition, it occurs in the middle of the proposals of the Congress of laws that seek to break with the monopolies and the power r from Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook. Connect with the WABNEWS! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and activate notifications; or, follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter

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