Google Will Suspend Contributions To Legislators Who Questioned Election Results | WABNEWS

WASHINGTON – Computer giant Google announced Tuesday that it will suspend political contributions to lawmakers who voted against certifying the election of Democratic President Joe Biden, citing the tragic attack on the US Congress earlier this month. This decision comes at a time when major technology companies and other firms seek to distance themselves from the misinformation promoted by former President Donald Trump and his supporters, who claim that Biden’s victory in the November elections was “fraudulent.” Google’s political action committee, known as NetPAC, halted all contributions to the political sector and revised its bylaws after taking over the Capitol, the seat of the US Congress, as legislators prepared to certify the results of the presidential elections. Five people died in the riots. “After that review, the NetPAC board decided that it will not make any contribution in this cycle to any member of Congress who has voted against the certification of the election results,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. Other internet and tech companies, such as giants Facebook and Microsoft, also suspended their contributions to lawmakers following the January 6 riots. The 147 lawmakers who voted against Biden’s certification, all Republicans, are accused of complicity in Trump’s attempt to reverse what was a free and fair election according to observers and analysts. Microsoft announced that it will decide in mid-February whether to resume contributions to US politicians.




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