Government Of Ecuador Declares State Of Exception

(CNN Spanish) – The government of Ecuador declared the state of exception for protests over the elimination of gasoline subsidies. "To protect the order, tranquility and security of citizens and control those who pretend to cause chaos, I have provided the state of exception at the national level," says a statement from the Presidency.

“Rights are demanded without harming those that are truly fundamental to the country's progress: work, education and free mobility,” says the statement.

Ecuador's Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrín confirmed this Thursday at a press conference.


The government announced Wednesday that classes were suspended throughout the national territory this Thursday after the announcement of the transporters' union that they will paralyze their activities during the day.

“The paralyzes only harm the population that wants to work and produce. As well as the members of these organizations, whose income depends on each day of work, ”said a government statement.

Representatives of the carriers met in Quito on Wednesday and requested that the measure announced by President Lenin Moreno on the elimination of gasoline subsidies be repealed.

“To reconsider and repeal this decree. In case of not doing so, transportation automatically suspends its activities, ”said Abel Gómez, president of the National Federation of Passenger Public Transportation Cooperatives of Ecuador (FENACOTIP).

FENACOTIP includes taxi drivers, heavy transport, passenger, school, institutional, tourism and cranes.

Last Tuesday, Lenín Moreno announced a series of economic measures, including the elimination of subsidies for gasoline, so the price of fuel will rise.