Governments Have Improved, But More Is Needed To Combat Doping

The steps taken by the Dominican government are underway, but still require more investment and are at the same time maintained in the fight against doping in the country.

“We are in the process of improvement,” said Maria Jose Pess of Uruguay, Head of Latin America and the Caribbean for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). “The government investment is still a bit high, but they are working hard,” she admitted.

He has “permanent” funding for anti-doping management inside and outside the competition, funding for staff working in the anti-doping field, and “short-term and long-term sustainability.” Proposed to work on the design of a “can be designed” plan. Anti-Doping Program for All Dominican Athletes “.


Pesce was in the country to celebrate the American Sports Council (CADE) Summit. He was also asked about the cost of collecting doping samples, among other issues. It’s currently $ 400- $ 500, but a plan is needed, WADA officials suggested.

He explains that this amount will be raised to that level by paying the Doping Director, the courier that takes him from the country to the laboratory, and the cost of the laboratory.

“The analysis itself would be about $ 200 for a sample,” Pesce reported without personnel and courier payments.

When it was resolved and sent to only two laboratories in Latin America (Brazil) and the Caribbean (Cuba), costs began to fall, “if more cooperation agreements could be signed, they would significantly lower costs. The more controls you have, the lower the price. But it’s important to plan for that. “

Another tool to further reduce costs is the agreement between countries in the region and laboratories.

“The problem is when we are not planning, when there is no cooperation agreement, and when it has not yet taken place in the Dominican Republic and they have to do it,” Pess suggested. .. “The suggestion is to work with a local laboratory.”

Section 6.1 of the WADA Code states that analysis must be performed at 30 accredited laboratories and anything else that this institution has.

In fact, the two laboratories mentioned have signed a partnership agreement with the government, “samples are much cheaper,” Pess said.



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