Governor Of Guanajuato Backs Donald Trump Sayings

The governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez, supported that the Mexican cartels be designated as terrorists and welcomed foreign troops to come to "support" our military country, while his counterpart from Querétaro, also the panist Francisco Dominguez, demanded to the US government that exhibits "with names and surnames" to the cartels that operate in its territory.

The controversial statement of the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who expressed his intention to catalog these criminal organizations as terrorists, was backed by the Tamaulipas Executive, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, who a week ago considered that the criminals they want to provoke Chaos is a "narcoterrorism" behavior.

During the addiction prevention forum in León, the Guanajuato said that the enemy of Mexico is the one who generates the violence and not the citizens and that the Mexicans would be happy to "get forces (armed) from other countries" to help us Fight this cancer.


"I am in favor of being called terrorism because there is no other way, that is what they try to provoke in the population: terror; leaving dismembered bodies and putting narcomantas cause terror in the population and if I consider, respecting the government's foreign policy federal and not the state, which is adequate, "he said.

On the contrary, his Queretano counterpart and president of the National Conference of Governors lashed out at Trump because he "has no right" to classify drug traffickers as terrorists, without first exhibiting his organizations that distribute drugs and weapons with names and surnames.

Trump "says of the Mexican cartels, but when he has said of the Americans, of the distribution of drugs, because they recognize that the largest drug use in the world is in the United States, why not tell us what happens in New York, in Chicago, in other cities, and who distributes that drug there. Where are the American bonnets? ”he questioned.

Domínguez Servién also challenged the northern neighbor of those responsible for selling weapons to Mexican criminals and considered that when the US president shares the names of narcos operating in his territory to the world, we will be "in equality and begin to argue that maybe Russia helps you with your bonnets and we'll see if we want you to help us with ours. "

Separately, García Cabeza de Vaca, insisted that the federal government should use all the instruments at its disposal to combat organized crime and coordinate intelligence work with the states and with the US government itself, but not be subject to "political fluctuations. "and decisions of other countries.

The governor of Zacatecas, Alejandro Tello, and the secretary of Michoacán, Carlos Herrera, saw in the declarations of the Republican a "political attempt" and a strategy in search of the presidential re-election.

For the president of San Luis Potosí, Juan Manuel Carreras, United States and Mexico must reach agreements to help fight criminal cartels, while for the secretary of security of Nuevo León, Aldo Fasci, they are overestimating criminal organizations because they are only "Some macuarros and murderers," however, he said, if the name of the US will be used to crush them, because they catalog them as such.

With information from Jannet Ruiz, Estrella Álvarez, María López, Manuel Chacón, Rocío López, Jocelyn Estrada and Orlando Maldonado.




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