Governors in the United States want to know how the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed and if they will have funds

Governors In The United States Want To Know How The COVID-19 Vaccine Will Be Distributed And If They Will Have Funds

New York – The governors of the United States want to know about the strategy to distribute the vaccine against COVID-19 in their states, the funding for that massive effort and information campaign and have asked Washington to have the answer before it is available in the market.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, who chairs the National Association of Governors – Democrats and Republicans – announced this Sunday that last week they sent a letter to President Donald Trump with an extensive list of questions for which they seek answers the most soon as posible.

The governors also asked to meet with the president to discuss “how this is supposed to work between the federal government and the states,” Governor Cuomo said today during a regular press conference to discuss COVID.


The long list of questions to the federal government is divided into three sections: Funding for Vaccine Administration, Allocation and Supply Chain, and Communication and Information Requirements.

They want to know if funds will be allocated to states to help with vaccine distribution. “Without additional state and local funding to implement vaccine plans we will be hampered in what we can accomplish,” the letter states.

In that sense, they ask, when can we expect more definitive information on the resources related to this answer?

They have also asked how the costs of administering the vaccine will be covered for people who do not have health insurance, and they also await answers on how the expected vaccine against the virus will be distributed and the mechanism that will be used.

“What will be the strategy for priority when supply is tight? Or what communication materials have been developed, among others, are some of the questions.

“We are now releasing a compilation of questions from governors across the country, Democrats and Republicans, asking the White House: How is this going to work?” Cuomo said.

“We need to answer these questions before the vaccine is available so that we are ready to go and no one will be surprised when the time comes to vaccinate people,” he added.

Trump had suggested that the COVID-19 vaccine could be ready before the November 3 election.

But last week the pharmaceutical company Pfizer reported that it will know if its vaccine against the virus is effective at the end of this month of October and that it will not have enough data to request its emergency authorization from the US drug regulator until the third week of November.

Other pharmaceutical companies in the final stretch of their career for the vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca have had to temporarily stop their phase 3 tests due to side effects in volunteers, while Moderna maintains a more conservative calendar in its tests.

Cuomo estimates that in New York, with a population of 20 million people, 40 million vacuums (two doses per person) will be needed but, he insists, the big question is how they will be distributed.

He also indicated that he will have a working group that will ensure that the vaccine is safe before administering it to the public and that a phased plan would be put in place to determine who receives it first.

That first phase would include high-risk populations and essential health care workers.

Administering these vaccines would be the biggest effort New York has made since the pandemic began in March, he said.



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