Graffiti On The Facade Of a Pizzeria In Barcelona For Not Serving In Catalan: "Speak Catalan Or Emigrate"

The Italian pizzeria Marinella in Barcelona, ​​located in the Clot district, woke up on Friday with graffiti on its facade for not serving customers in Catalan. “In Catalonia, in Catalan” and “Speak Catalan or emigrate” were the two phrases that the owner found on the wall of her premises, accompanied by the number 33, a symbol of Catalan identity ultra-nationalism.

The origin of the event dates back to December 4, when a Twitter user reported that in that establishment, located on Clot street, they did not attend in Catalan and, in addition, the owner was “offended” if one complained. That publication, according to the woman who runs the pizzeria, unleashed a series of complaints, threats by phone or email and false reservations.


This is how the woman claimed in statements to El País

, where he argued that if he does not speak Catalan it is because he has not had time to learn it. “First I learned Spanish, it is inevitable, more people speak it,” he said.

The graffiti in the restaurant has provoked the reaction of some political leaders, who have wanted to show their solidarity with the owner of the pizzeria. One of them has been the first deputy mayor of the City Council, the socialist Jaume Collboni. “Filling premises with xenophobic graffiti like these can never be the way,” he lamented. David Cid, deputy of the ‘comuns’ in the Parliament, has also criticized it: “This is fascism, whether it is written in Catalan or Spanish.”



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