Great Body And Fitness! Biby Gaytán And The Video That Conquered Capetillo

Eduardo Capetillo showed in a video how Biby Gaytán reacted when he learned that he would be a judge in the new season of the Little Giants program.

Biby Gaytan He is already preparing his return to the small screen. The driver Galilea Montijo announced on Instagram a few days ago that the actress joins the new season of Little gigants as judge


While waiting to enter the program’s forum, the actress and singer took a break and traveled with her family to the beach. During his vacation he took the opportunity to show that he is fit and shared a video on his social networks where he is seen walking around the seashore.

“So my car wheels when I found out I would be in SMALL GIANT! And by the way @capetillo_eduardo you would like to do ONE of my car wheels, “he said Biby in the video.

Immediately, her followers began to fill her with flattery, but she was her husband, Eduardo Capetillo , who stayed with his mouth open and showed that despite the 25 years they are married, he continues to flirt with the mother of his children as when they were dating.

“I like that little jacket, I’m seeing how I flirt,” he wrote Eduardo

in your social network profile; thanks to that he got in a few hours more than 27 thousand ‘likes’ and hundreds of messages, among which was his daughter’s Alexandra, who also joked about it and wrote: “I help you, she is my friend.”

His faithful admirers congratulated him for his solid marriage and especially for dedicating such beautiful phrases to his wife Biby Gaytan. “The perfect couple in the world”, “What a beautiful compliment”, “I can not with such beauty and love”, “What a father to remain so in love”, “What a beautiful marriage”, “Hopefully always keep that marriage”, ” They have a beautiful family and what a good husband you are, ”said their fans.

One day before, Eduardo Capetillo shared a video of the reaction of the musical star Chicago when he learned that he would be a talent show judge Little gigants.

“She is preparing for Little Giants, I brought her to rehearse in her private room. The air is over and that we are at sea level. You have to call the paramedics, ”the artist is heard saying in a recording in which his wife is seen giving bikini tricks.