Greta Thunberg And Donald Trump Together In a Batman Comic

* Attentive: This article contains spoilers from The Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child comic.

Batman likes to wander around Gotham imparting justice. And, in their own way, real-world personalities like Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg also show themselves a lot. But … what if both personalities really lived in Gotham? This is what Frank Miller, DC comic writer, must have thought. More than anything because both Greta and Trump appear in one of Batman's comics.

Image of DC Comics – Via Comicbook


The fact is that the story of The Golden Child revolves around Darkseid and Joker, who try to create chaos in the elections and get someone who is exactly like Donald Trump to be re-elected. From the posters to the puppet that Joker handles later, references to Trump and the current political climate are constant.

Although the most spectacular is the appearance of Greta (again a character traced to her), which along with a crowd of young people, surrounds the ruler of Apokolips. In other circumstances we might think that everything is the result of chance, but it is unlikely considering that Frank Miller is behind.

Image of DC Comics – Via Comicbook

As for the comic itself, keep in mind that it is a joint work between Miller himself (as a screenwriter) and the mythical artist Rafael Grampá. In addition, it is the first collaboration in the field of comics by Grampá for six years. What do you think of the story? The controversy is served …

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