Greta Thunberg And Donald Trump Will Attend The Davos World Economic Forum

Greta Thunberg And Donald Trump Will Attend The Davos World Economic Forum

The leader of the World Economic Forum in Davos said it is "comforting" to know that both US President Donald Trump and climate activist Greta Thunberg will attend the conclave this year as one of the priority issues will be the protection of the environment.

Klaus Schwab, founder of the meeting, acknowledges that there have been vast economic, social and cultural changes in the 50 years since he created the forum in the Swiss Alps, which began as a meeting between businessmen, but today also includes politicians and activists.

Faced with the recent months of extreme heat, raging forest fires and melting of the polar layers, environmental protection has become one of the five priorities for the world economy, the forum said last week citing a survey of more than 750 influential people .


He added that issues such as global warming, climate change and species extinction will lead the agenda of the meeting that begins on Tuesday.

The forum has been changing its focus in recent years: it used to focus on the impact of new technologies, but today it focuses on the environment, responsible business practices, promoting jobs, fighting climate change and working for The common good.

The environmental approach could be uncomfortable for Trump, a Republican whose government favors the use of coal, has reduced environmental protections and mocks the scientific consensus on global warming. Trump has also withdrawn the United States from the Paris Agreement, signed in 2015 to fight climate change.

Schwab said Trump is welcome in the conclave because of his influence on international politics, and that Thunberg will help maintain the focus on environmental issues. Both will speak on Tuesday, on the opening day of the meeting.

"I think both voices are necessary," Schwab said Sunday in an interview with AP. "The environment will play a particularly important role in this meeting."

Schwab mentioned the various projects that the World Davos Forum has developed on inclusion and equality; economic development; standards to regulate technology; regional development; business leadership and ecology, including a plan to plant one million trees.

"So, if Greta comes this year you will see that we have made substantial progress," said Schwab, referring to the young woman's debut at the event last year.



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