Greta Thunberg, Before Thousands Of Young People In Berlin: "You Have To Vote, But Just Voting Will Not Be Enough"

The Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has called this Friday in Berlin to the Germans to go to the polls this Sunday and has criticized the inaction of political leaders. According to the activist, no political force guarantees compliance with the Paris Agreement against climate change.

“Yes, we have to vote, you have to vote, but remember, just voting will not be enough. We have to keep taking to the streets, we have to keep demanding that our leaders really do something against climate change,” he said in Berlin. within the framework of the demonstrations of the Fridays for Future movement called around the world.


The protest has taken place five weeks before the UN’s COP26 summit, which aims to reach a more ambitious agreement by world leaders to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet. The demonstrations have started in Asia and were planned in more than 1,500 cities. According to police figures, 20,000 people have protested in Berlin alone.

Two days before the general elections in Germany, Thunberg has said that no political party is doing enough to fight climate change, and “what is even worse,” according to her, is that no force comes close with its programs or of far from what is necessary to comply with the Paris Agreement.

In addition, he has described Germany as “one of the greatest climate villains” and pointed out that it is the fourth largest emitter of CO2 in history, “quite an achievement” considering that it has a population of about 80 million inhabitants. .

“If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that the climate crisis has never been treated as an emergency,” he said. According to the activist, the fight against climate change can no longer be left in the hands of the people in power.

In his speech, delivered to the Reichstag, Thunberg called on protesters to become “climate activists” and to “demand real change”, because “change is now not only possible, but urgently necessary.”

A landmark UN science report on climate warned in August that human activity has already caused climate disruption for decades, but that rapid and large-scale action to reduce emissions could still avoid some of the most destructive impacts.



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