Grimes Is Pregnant And Has All The Symptoms That Prove It

The strange photograph that the singer Grimes chose to announce a few weeks ago her pregnancy, in which she appeared naked and characterized as a kind of alien with a bulky translucent belly inside which you could see the silhouette of a fetus, left her fans so confused that many came to think even that he was not really expecting his first child and that it was all really a promotional image of his next single.However, it is clear that the artist is preparing to debut in motherhood with his partner Elon Musk and, in addition, he has the symptoms that prove it. In his case, he experienced some “complications” in the first weeks of pregnancy, as he has revealed in his new Instagram post, but for the beginning of the second quarter they had already disappeared and he could enjoy a couple of “decent” months before his whole body ached in general around week 25. “Cr Do you know that it is real or false? Haha, “he joked.” But yes, I’m starting to feel very bad. How do you manage to continue working and have a baby? “, He asked all his followers. The artist wanted to apologize for not promoting as much as he would like his next album, in the virtual sphere or with different public appearances, and he has blamed it on the lack of information about what awaited him at this stage. “I think I was very poorly prepared because I don’t know if you talk about the pregnancy experience as much as we should. I didn’t quite understand what I was getting into, “Grimes has revealed, comforting himself thinking that his creative vein is at least more alive than ever.