Guadalajara: Alexis Vega Asks Reinforcements To Lift And Be Patient

Juan Manuel Figueroa

Akron Stadium, Guadalajara, Jalisco / 02.02.2020 01:09:58

The first third of the Clausura 2020 came to an end and the reinforcements in Chivas have been left to duty, for this reason it was time to give them calm and support them so that they do not eat the craving.


Alexis Vega, Chivas striker acknowledged that they have already calmed the new faces of the Sacred Flock and more with Uriel Antuna, who feels pressured in the absence of a goal. He was already booed and this Saturday before the Blue Cross he went out to apologize.

“I spoke clearly with Antuna and we did several teammates, I told him not to worry, not to be anxious to score a goal because the first one is the most difficult. I told him to have a lot of perseverance, when the first one falls the others come and I am one hundred percent with Uriel as with any partner.

“We have already spoken with the rest of the reinforcements and alone they have realized that it is not the same to play here than to do it in other places and they are the same ones who day by day strive to try to get us out of this situation”, recognized the striker Tapatio.

Alexis Vega lived a similar situation when he just arrived in Guadalajara, because it took time to score and little by little he has risen with the Sacred Flock. Today he asks to overcome the defeat against The Machine.

“You have to cheer him up, I think we’ve all been through that moment. I talked to him and told him that he must have his head up, the worst thing he can do is to lower his eyes and the truth did not kill anyone. He generated many goal plays and people don’t see what Uriel generates, a penalty, overflow plays. Unfortunately he could not specify, but this is so, you have to lift your face, ”he added.