Guaidó Affirms That “the War Is Already Happening In Venezuela”

Miami, Jan 31 (EFE) .- Opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as president in charge of Venezuela for more than 50 countries, said Friday that they are going to “take action and use all the tools to get out of the crisis we are suffering today “and that” we all want peace, but war is already happening in Venezuela. “Almost at the end of an international tour that has taken him through Britain, Switzerland, France and Spain, among other countries, and about to land in Miami, Guaidó did not say it clearly, but he also did not rule out the possibility of a foreign military intervention in his country during an interview with the local newspaper El Nuevo Herald. “There are options that are controversial … We all want peace, but we already war it is happening in Venezuela, and it is the war of the dictatorship against the citizen, “the opposition leader added. According to his words, what is happening in his country is something that” can only be compared at the moment with cases like Syria, Iran, the case of Myanmar, South Sudan, Yemen. It is a real tragedy what is happening in Venezuela, “he said.” We have to evaluate how to stop this situation against the citizen. As stated from the beginning, all options are on the table. Which one do we privilege? “He asked. And his answer was:” The one that gives greater stability, greater governability, the possibility of attending to the humanitarian emergency (..) privileging the options that lead us in a short term to a outcome of the situation “.Guido will meet this Saturday in Miami with Venezuelans, Cubans, Nicaraguans, Colombians and other Latin Americans in an” act for freedom “to which” special guests “are expected. Gustavo Marcano, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington, appeared Friday before the press to inform how that meeting will take place, which it hopes will be “massive and massive like that of Spain.” However, he refused to answer questions, as if Guaidó will meet with the US president. ., Donald Trump, who, as announced, will arrive this afternoon in South Florida. On this point, Guaidó also said nothing in his interview with the Floridian newspaper. next steps he will take, the also president of the National Assembly of Venezuela stressed the need to “align solutions in the coming days, weeks, months”. “We cannot afford to demobilize in Venezuela (so that people do not say that) Maduro managed to control the situation, that would be prejudicial even for the process. We have to increase the pressure in all directions, the internal pressure, the international pressure. I insist, it is a war of the dictatorship against the citizen, “he said.” In any case, those who have opted for more severe situations today are the dictatorship. We put the option in the Dominican Republic three years ago, we put the option through Norway, guarantees for all sectors, a state council where we separated from the positions, go to truly free elections and it was the dictatorship that has blocked us at all times. That the world knows today, “he said. Guaido himself said Thursday in an interview on the Univision channel that he would” do his best “to meet with Trump, who will spend at his Florida residence on Super Bowl weekend , the American football final. Asked about the physical place where he was at the time of the interview, which was carried out via Skype, he said he was “very close.” “See you soon in Miami,” added the president in charge, who usually keep your location cautiously for security reasons. “We are reaching the end of our agenda and our meetings and we must arrive soon in Venezuela,” he said. (c) Agencia EFE



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