Guaidó Denounces That Maduro Wants To 'annihilate' The Venezuelan Opposition

Caracas, Dec. 17 (EFE). – The president of the Venezuelan Parliament, Juan Guaidó, denounced on Tuesday that the president Nicolás Maduro seeks to 'annihilate' the opposition both physically and illegally parties, paving the headquarters of the National Assembly (AN), 'violating' the immunity of deputies and with more than 400 'political prisoners'.

'The dictatorship seeks to annihilate the opposition physically (…) they have done so by illegalizing political parties, raiding this enclosure (of the AN) twice violently and violating parliamentary immunities with an entity that does not exist that is the National Constituent Assembly (ANC, composed only of Chavistas), 'Guaidó said before entering the parliamentary session on Tuesday.

The opposition leader, whom almost 60 countries recognize as the interim president of Venezuela, referred without mentioning directly to the decision taken Monday by the ANC, not recognized by numerous countries, to suspend the immunity of four opposition deputies accused of civil rebellion, treason, conspiracy, instigation to the insurrection concert to commit crimes and usurpation of functions


The four deputies are Jorge Millán, of the Primera Justicia party; Hernán Claret Alemán, of Democratic Action; Carlos Alberto Lozano Parra, of Camina, and Luis Stefanelli Barjacoba, of Popular Will, with what is already a score of parliamentarians who have lost their immunity.


Therefore, he considered that at this moment the Maduro Executive 'is not a government in dispute, it is a dictatorship that has systematically sought to annihilate any dissenting voice, that of journalists, trade unionists, trade unionists, politicians and parties '.

Precisely, Guaidó spoke about the situation of the country before entering the parliamentary session in which it will be debated about 'the claim of the regime of Nicolás Maduro to dissolve the National Assembly'.

Faced with this situation, he said that "today Venezuela lives a dictatorship" and considered that "any other element is to favor a narrative of a dictatorship that seeks to appear to have a false normality when the people of Venezuela cannot buy anything."

That is why he criticized that the Maduro Government has illuminated with Christmas lights 'certain areas' while the second city of the country, Maracaibo, 'is in the dark' among frequent electrical blackouts.

He reiterated that "the dictatorship seeks to annihilate any dissenting voice, annihilate the national parliament" but added that "the good news is that we remain firm."


Finally, Guaidó commented that the Venezuelan government is 'a stateless dictatorship' position 'that does not regulate'.

As an example, he cited that 'Maduro speaks of a supposed blockade' from the United States 'when he accepts the currency of the country that supposedly blocks it by way of facts', in a reference to the frequent circulation of the US currency that has de facto dollarized Venezuela and that has had the tacit approval of the Executive.

"There is evidence of the absurdity, the ridiculousness, the foolishness of a dictator who does not even understand what he is talking about: he speaks of blockade but we are going to accept the currency of the country that is blocking us and admits it by the way of the facts," he added. . EFE