Guido Bellido, Deposed Prime Minister Of Peru: "I Expected It From The First Moment"

Guido Bellido tries to be calm. Not a day has passed since the Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo, accepted the resignation of the prime minister, but Bellido says that nothing about this latest political outbreak surprises him. “I expected it from the first moment,” he tells, measuring his words to the extreme.

“We are very calm. I will work from my place of parliament for Cusco, the place for which I have been elected,” says Castillo’s former prime minister as a way to soften the political impact of his resignation.


The resignation has generated noise in the Peruvian government and only highlights the internal tensions of the Cabinet. But President Castillo’s decision on Wednesday did not target only his prime minister. In total there have been seven ministers, from the most radical wing of the Peru Libre party, run by the president.

In this way, Castillo marks a departure from the more leftist sector led by Vladimir Cerrón and so questioned by the most centrist wing of the Government.

Cerrón has marked a position in the last hours, placing the president at a bifurcation point between “the conservative or the revolutionary”, as defined by the former governor and secretary general of Peru Libre.

“The change of cabinet must exclude rightists, caviar (left of living room) and traitors. It is time for Peru Libre to demand its share of power, guaranteeing its real presence or the bench to take a firm position. Nuevo Peru and Frente Amplio have already been served, “Castillo said in his social networks linked to the distribution of power between the different parties that make up the Government.

In just two months, the Government has shown many tensions, especially between the party leaders and the ministers outside his party, as is the case of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Pedro Francke, whom Cerró rejected because he considered it ” neoliberal “.

The question is what the relationship with the president will be like now. “Good, now it depends on the president,” says Bellido.

In his place, Mirtha Vásquez, a lawyer specializing in the environment and human rights, took over.



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