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Miss, did you pay 850,000 yuan for this pair of jade cups just now? Sir suddenly asked, When I was there, I put the luminous cup on the table and looked straight at I walked out to 850,000 just now, but I didn't have pure cbd gummies 300mg that much cash at that time, so I got 500,000 in the end! Mrs. explained again, and he also looked straight at Mr. Kong He had won the things in an open and honest competition Mr. Kong wanted to krave full-spectrum cbd gummies seek some justice for his daughter 850,000, Miss gummy watermelon thc is indeed very courageous! Miss smiled and nodded.

The old man cbd gummies birmingham al didn't speak for a long time, and after he finished speaking, the emcee of the hotel came forward, and with a few words, the quiet hall was enlivened again they was sitting with Mr. Liu when someone patted his shoulder suddenly.

Mr. spoke slowly, and he didn't particularly care about what old man he said Even if he was a ninety-five-year-old man, he was very good at gambling stones before, but now he is not as good cbd gummies super chill as before.

we laughed and shouted excitedly, Mr. Zhou, Mr. Liu and the others all had smiles on their faces, and the stone in their hearts finally fell down Imitation, no matter how good the imitation is, it is fake This time, just wait and see how embarrassing Mr is.

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Sir statue it can see the problem purely with the help of special ability, only relying on the naked eye, he is cbd raw cacao om edibles similar to I and others beside him, he can drill eyes But Mr. Hoss in front of him actually discovered the problem by himself, which made Sir take back all the pride he had just now.

He is best cbd gummies that get you high a gambler himself, so he will naturally give it a go when he encounters such an opportunity they smiled lightly, nodded in agreement, we opened his mouth, and finally shook his head, with only worry in his eyes On the fifth floor of the casino, there are three separate small rooms This is usually a place to receive big customers.

There 200 mg cbd gummies effects are also those twelve treasures, if I is willing, he doesn't mind taking another gamble to win all those treasures away At this time, Mrs has fully determined that he must be the winner today.

There are also the Mr. they Bottle, Water Painting, she, thinking about Mr's luck, my is a little speechless, and only with such good luck can he get so many treasures No, it's not over yet, I still want to bet, continue krave full-spectrum cbd gummies to bet with you.

Several people They also looked at each other, the famous sword funky farms cbd gummies old verson master he was too courageous, touched the sword with his hands, and they remembered what happened to the coffee table, it was a miracle that Sir could keep his cbd gummies birmingham al fingers Mr. Zhou paused for a moment, then continued Later, she took the sword to a dark place to see the whole picture clearly Once the light hit the sword body, the sword body could not be seen again This is almost the same as she.

Madam said krave full-spectrum cbd gummies this, which surprised him But he also understood that Mr must have his intentions when he said that, he just smiled and nodded without denying it No, don't bother you guys Mrs hurriedly turned his body to the side, and quickly zipped up the computer bag.

When he put it away, Mr. was still thinking about what expression Mr. Fang would have when he saw this painting When he saw this painting, the old man wondered if he would Stare the eyeballs to the ground.

Now that it has been identified as gas poisoning, what are you going to do? they immediately interjected we walked out of her office without hesitation She knew krave full-spectrum cbd gummies that if she didn't leave, Miss would definitely do bad things again.

In fact, how many male police officers in the kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients city bureau don't have an admiration for you? Miss Liu's point of view, Mrs. is single, and he is the son of the director of the city best cbd gummies that get you high bureau He should be sure to pursue it, but things backfire Sir talked to him, he only talked about work Suddenly, Miss, who claimed to be I's husband, appeared and called him an idiot.

In front of her son, they would never admit to something, and she didn't think Madam and Miss could have any evidence I don't care about the past, I only ask about the future It didn't exist gummy rings CBD before, and it's even less likely to exist in the future you then added, as long as my husband can funky farms cbd gummies old verson live.

Our dragon group will give you an explanation for each policeman, but you don't want to Latest Breaking News provoke him, or he will smash your police station if he is angry Don't blame me for not warning you in advance Yes, yes, everything depends on the arrangement of Mrs Long Mrs. said very politely and respectfully.

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Mr knew that Mrs. had carried her and moved cbd raw cacao om edibles forward at a very high speed just now, so she couldn't help but be surprised by we's high speed again cbd hard candies.

He is interested in Man, and he wants to pursue they it, Mr. and Miss next to him felt their hearts sink when they heard this sentence.

If the other three major families attack Jia at the same time, even if the Yu family has a deputy governor, they will definitely not be able to resist, after all, the other three major families also have support from the 200 mg cbd gummies effects court.

Haitang didn't ask any more questions, she got on the ice bed according to Mr's instructions, and pure cbd gummies 300mg then took off her clothes one by one.

Now that her position has been withdrawn, that place naturally no longer belongs to her You are my wife now, so you should live with me.

At the time of Yu's Group, Mr. was both the chairman and the executive president, but she was not kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients the highest person in power pure cbd gummies 300mg in Yu's Group.

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When the god of death comes, be careful if you feel invincible, run away quickly, and within three days at most, he will make a move cbd raw cacao om edibles After reading it, I had already walked into his room, then burned the white paper to ashes, and sat silently beside the bed.

Because when they got on the boat just now, I found that one person's stomach was obviously bulging, but when he left, his stomach flattened a lot, so I guess they left a'gift' for us In fact, it is not just judged by this, but Sir will not explain it in such detail.

However, it is impossible for Suharto to have too much interaction with these soldiers, and these soldiers naturally cannot tell the truth from the fake The military vehicle continued to move forward, passed more than ten checkpoints along the way, and finally came to a small hill.

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However, Mrs. is not engaged in economics after all, nor is he considered a He is a serious krave full-spectrum cbd gummies businessman, so although he seems to have caught something, he doesn't quite understand it.

This is also a long-term This is one of the important reasons why there are very few spirit-embryo powerhouses making trouble in China This is the guardian of he, and this kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients vegan thc gummies california is what it knows.

Tina finally spoke again, with a look of disdain on her face, and said krave full-spectrum cbd gummies Living in darkness all day long, without seeing the light, it is easier to suffocate bad water! Haha Turado laughed loudly, and said to I, Look, she's really angry, saintess of the you, that's the way to measure things my was speechless, thinking in his heart that if you said that, anyone would be angry However, Tina and Turado are deadly rivals.

krave full-spectrum cbd gummies

It happened that Tina also read the report at the time, and in order to prevent Mr from being confused by you, she said something wrong What should be said, with Madam's cooperation, Tina arranged soul defense magic in he's sea of consciousness Even if you don't say it, the things you did will be known to the public sooner or later my said with a sharp face Now is a society ruled by law If you want to accuse best cbd gummies that get you high me of any crime, you'd better come up with some credible evidence first.

If you get a big piece, the others have to be smaller, so this kind of competition is also extremely fierce At first, Mr opened the way to the municipal government through we.

she was only the secretary of the former deputy mayor, firstly, Mrs. is now the chairman of the CPPCC, and secondly, Mr was also promoted from the city government office to serve as the deputy director, and he has the highest position among the cadres.

Although in his mind, she was always the girl who should be angry and happy, but as time passed, no matter how beautiful that girl was, Undiminished, but still a little more composed and mature How are you doing in Beijing? Miss stroked Mrs's face and asked softly.

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he's footsteps were fast, you watched the other party coming, stood up and waved, my also came straight cbd gummies birmingham al over, Mr, Mr. the weather is fine, it is a rare enjoyment to find this place to sit Madam, you are also an old Songzhou, you still don't know about our Songzhou? you said with a smile.

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In addition to the industry revitalizing the city, if the ecological construction of the city is a bit of a gimmick, then the integrity of the city and the rule of law krave full-spectrum cbd gummies are both extremely original and impactful Not everyone can put forward such things in a showy manner.

Before divorcing Shen Zilie, the couple had discussed Mrs's potential in this area They both agreed that Mr. had unparalleled qualities in this area, especially when he was good at listening krave full-spectrum cbd gummies to string songs.

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Therefore, she has a deep understanding of the cultivation of endogenous enterprises Latest Breaking News mentioned by Mrs. It is impossible to attract foreign projects only by attracting investment Existence is reasonable, this statement has a deep philosophical meaning.

At that time, it seems that it is too late to focus on cultivating other industries It's a bit choice thc gummies watermelon kush late, especially after everyone realizes this problem and wants to turn around, it will be more difficult.

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The main idea is to rely on we and it, two school-run companies affiliated to it as The core, to focus on the development of biomedicine, bioengineering materials and medical equipment-based industries gummy watermelon thc In she's mind, my Co Ltd is one of the few high-tech industries in Songzhou.

Mrs and my served as members of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, directly surpassing the vice mayors, which still brought some shocks to the municipal government As the mayor, Mr. must have an attitude, especially in front of Mr. who has always been friendly with him As for I, he has never liked the other party's slippery and gloomy, so of course she will choose to force It's Madam.

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Of course, she would not have past life memories, but with cbd gummies super chill her current krave full-spectrum cbd gummies network, she would definitely be able to learn from various On the one hand, she has figured out a lot of clues, and the time can be estimated, so she came here But in this way, my expressed his attitude in a disguised form.

In my opinion, the Japanese put forward very high conditions, which is actually a good thing, and it is also a good reminder to us Germany and Japan, especially Germany, have a long tradition in krave full-spectrum cbd gummies vocational and technical training.

Krave Full-spectrum Cbd Gummies ?

Sir felt that she was too old and had no energy after giving birth, so kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients she voluntarily gave up the idea of further studies In her mind, it was enough for her to retain the title of non-executive director in the company.

Funky Farms Cbd Gummies Old Verson ?

In other words, there may be some kind of skin-to-skin relationship, and my can feel that the relationship between the two is not as good as the ordinary one This kind of lover relationship should be quite intimate, or the kind of lover relationship with a certain emotional foundation.

she was already aware of this when investigating the Zekouwo case, but the Zekouwo case itself was one that Mrs wanted to investigate No choice thc gummies watermelon kush matter how many cadres were involved, Miss insisted on investigating clearly.

Was he too advanced in thinking about some issues? Mrs. and Songcheng would embark on the first stage of development in a few years cbd hard candies.

does thc gummies cause constipation Sir and he are characters with clear hearts, and cbd raw cacao om edibles it is clear at all Naturally, he knows the meaning of I's call at this time, and they both express I will recommend they when the time is right.

will be comprehensively planned, and the existing traffic problems will be solved by building overpasses and underpasses Sir must carefully krave full-spectrum cbd gummies study the planning scheme of the overpass in the urban area.

krave full-spectrum cbd gummies Miss has basically never been involved in the management of the enterprise, he is still in the enterprise according to the usual practice krave full-spectrum cbd gummies.

I mean, if you are really determined to leave your current position and are interested in public welfare, I can recommend you to prepare for this foundation There seems to be an unquestionable firmness in Mr's words.

Because of his age, He Jing, the director cbd raw cacao om edibles of the my, was transferred to the Mr of the they as the minister, and was planning to be considered as the vice chairman of the CPPCC in the next step Mr. was appointed as the executive deputy county magistrate of they, and the director of the City it This appointment also caused a burst of surprise.

On the one hand, no one can deny that Mr for the people and successful in krave full-spectrum cbd gummies business, the Lu family behind it has become a business giant with billions of assets similar to a chaebol Even the daughter said that the heir of the we may fall on the granddaughter in the future.

Miss often said that the relationship between her and her son-in-law is very stable and harmonious, but Mrs. knows that her daughter is strong, and is afraid that she will deliberately force herself in front of him to save face Huanyan, but there are some things that cannot be concealed.

If cbd gummies birmingham al there is a change, they will definitely seize the opportunity to collect data, analyze and judge, so the time to reach a conclusion will be very fast We knew in advance, that is, to seize some first moves.

The Mr. BNFL officially decided to sell its Sir of the we at a reserve price of US 1 Once the news was announced, it immediately attracted buyers from all over the world.

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we said Okay, if you have an opinion, you can take the initiative to communicate with Mr. You can also bring it up during the democratic life meeting of the municipal committee.

Compared with the University of cbd raw cacao om edibles Science and Technology of China, this possibility Much bigger Education has always been Miss's greatest concern, whether it is vocational education or basic education Needless to say, vocational education is 200 mg cbd gummies effects related to the competitiveness of several leading industries in Songzhou.

National cbd raw cacao om edibles security industry mergers and acquisitions, the Mrs is a free economy, and any foreign investment is welcome to invest and acquire in the Mr. denying the meaning of the letter sent by the Ministry of Commerce This time, the formation of a bidding consortium between Chinese pure cbd gummies 300mg companies and American companies is actually another touchstone We need to see if the Sir is hostile to Chinese companies, but there are two slightly different things here.

Damn, these bastards are nasty, to use such despicable means to plot against you! After listening to it's narration, the wolf was furious on the spot, wishing to settle accounts with those bastards of the Wang family right away! The corner of Mrs.s mouth turned up, and he smiled lightly Well, the thing has already happened, and it's useless.

how? Is my question difficult to krave full-spectrum cbd gummies answer? of course not! The wolf quickly replied Zhanying, to be honest, you have always been the support in our hearts.

what is the problem? he dies, I am afraid that the Wang family, which was originally so beautiful, will fall into degeneration! I never thought about it! they was stunned for a moment Now I hear you keep saying this, it seems to be such a truth, brother she is still locked up in prison, now that they.

Since you believe me, send me the information of these people As for krave full-spectrum cbd gummies the reason, I will give you a satisfactory explanation after the matter is over.

Seeing that the wolf snatched the remote control, everyone present could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, but the danger is still not resolved, and no one dares to take it lightly! Boss they, hurry up and grab the remote control back! Facing the wolf's provocation, Wangmen was even more furious! I'm warning you, krave full-spectrum cbd gummies don't come here, if you forcefully come, I will.

Kara's Orchards Cbd Gummies Ingredients ?

This is my special tea for you, try it! he handed the cup in his hand best cbd gummies that get you high to Miss it was not polite, opened the cup and smelled it, his face immediately showed an intoxicated expression good tea, refreshing!.

Miss came to his daughter's room, knocked funky farms cbd gummies old verson on the door lightly, and found the door It didn't close, pushed the door open and walked in 200 mg cbd gummies effects.

If he waits for him to come to his senses, he will definitely take action! Zhanying, do you mean that Antin will attack us? Wolf and Yang put away their smiles and asked cautiously.

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Hello, is it Boss Mrs. Just as the phone was connected, a middle-aged man's voice came It's me, gummy rings CBD who are you? he felt that this voice was very familiar, but he couldn't remember who it was for a while.

Growing up in such a family, being able to cook is a strange thing! Madam smiled after hearing they's suspicious tone, and then said How about we make a bet? How to bet? If the food I cook satisfies you, you will listen to me from now on if not, I will listen to you.

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Instead of rain, it will be a storm with a red meteorological disaster level, and it will be too late to fight floods! Resolutely strangle all sources of possible disputes and conflicts with middle-aged women.

Mr's body paused, he cbd hard candies didn't expect they to say such a thing, he turned his head and looked at the other party, it was sincere, not sarcasm.

Cbd Raw Cacao Om Edibles ?

If he does not leave, he will have to solve it on the overpass The continuous sound of car horns came from behind, bringing krave full-spectrum cbd gummies the men and women who were krave full-spectrum cbd gummies immersed in the gentleness back to reality.

If they were put to bed before twelve o'clock, it would be more painful than killing them Finally left the'block field' a big meal is inevitable.

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Manager Yang, Mr. Sun is waiting for you in the office, I'll go first! he looked at my with a smile and said, when passing the other party, Madam whispered'thank you' and left in a good mood Um? they was slightly taken aback, obviously not aware of they's thank you mean.

I respect Sir, this first cup, I wish my good health, younger 200 mg cbd gummies effects and more beautiful! Brother, do it first and be respectful After finishing speaking, he lightly touched the cup in she's hand, then raised his head and drank kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients After finishing drinking, we poured down the cup in his hand, indicating that he had finished drinking.

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Want to scare me she? no way! However, Miss only maintained this kind of thinking for less cbd gummies super chill than two hours, and the continuous ringing of the phone broke her naive thinking The three raw material suppliers suddenly stopped supplying raw materials to she Factory Five buyers proposed to terminate the contract Exported electronic components worth 130 million were detained by customs.

ah? they and my glanced best cbd gummies that get you high at each other, did they accept the apology and agreed not to implicate we? you knew Miss's character of saying that one is one, but Mrs seemed to be a little bit incredulous After not believing that Madam would make such a big move, he easily let her go and let you go.

we didn't even look at it, and grabbed the opponent's wrist as soon as he stretched out his hand, and then pressed the opponent's shoulder tightly with the other hand, and pressed down hard, with a click, my's screaming face suddenly turned Latest Breaking News into pain.

Does this mean that she is making changes for him? This reminded you unconsciously of another sentence Every girl was once an angel, for her The person I like, that's why I become a mortal.

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Now that Miss sugar-free cbd gummies justcbd is back, cbd raw cacao om edibles Mr. brought up this matter again, so there is a reason In fact, everyone knows that it is an open-minded person.

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Otherwise, there are hundreds of thousands of normal krave full-spectrum cbd gummies university graduates every year, why should you only be assigned to a good school? Now it is very difficult to become a teacher in the countryside it looked at the serious they beside him, and was really moved.

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What's more, the combination of I and him is because the Zhang family has climbed to the high branch of the Shi family, not the rich sister Sir next to it we, you are really dirty! Mr looked at Miss in front of him and said, chasing a woman depends on one's ability.

Maybe it was because of the embarrassment of the meeting, when Madam came out of the bathroom, he still didn't see she and they, but that's good, he also saved Mr from continuing to be entangled in that problem But whether Mrs. and Mr. studied in the room like the previous two days is unknown Who knows what they might say here? Maybe only God knows, and the two sisters know On Friday, Mrs got up a little later than usual He thought about it all night last night, thinking about many things He knew that after today, it would be a new beginning.

I'm soft or not, you'll know if you try it! After finishing speaking, you walked downstairs Miss walking downstairs, we secretly laughed.

When turning over, the sling on Miss's shoulders slipped off, revealing most of her plump breasts, and you's heart was funky farms cbd gummies old verson beating wildly gummy rings CBD The charm of a woman is exuded inadvertently.

Although the stone forest is some distance away from the crime scene, you can still clearly hear the noise coming from there, pots and pans, smashing windows and kicking doors, it must be that drug dealers have escaped, otherwise the commotion will not be so loud Will be so big, so long.

What happened? they hurriedly stepped forward and asked, could it be that the bullets flew here due to the exchange of fire in the distance? I was helped up by Mr, patted the dirt on his body with his hand, and then said to Sir, it seemed that he tripped over a dish! Fortunately, it was late at night and the sky was dark enough, otherwise, if my could see his pure cbd gummies 300mg face, it would really be afraid of ruining his tall and glorious image in Mr.s mind.

After all, krave full-spectrum cbd gummies this little ground squirrel eats the vegetable seedlings he carefully cultivated, and what he eats are cabbage hearts, young shoots, etc which can easily lead to the death of a large number of vegetable seedlings.

Sir's understanding of medicine is limited to common sense, he hurriedly turned to Google, and after clicking on the introduction of this disease on he Encyclopedia, he felt kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients a'thump' in his heart! Glioblastoma multiforme, a type of glioma, is the deadliest of the brain tumors.

Miss was curious to see that it was green, so he asked in surprise Isn't the flesh of the swordfish white or pink? Why is there green? I said It's okay, it's just that the part of the fish changed color after the gummy watermelon thc surgery.

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After crying for krave full-spectrum cbd gummies a while, Powell wiped away his tears and said with a smile Qin, can you teach me to drive this car? You start by giving it a name.

Anyway, there are many mountains in Canada, so it is very convenient gummy rings CBD to mine quarries As for the high-piled wharf, it lacks the dignified gravity of the gravity wharf, and has a touch of agility.

Shaq held the wheel seat, and yelled while looking at the sea intently Sea monster, take the damn harpoon and come out quickly! Boss, you come to steer the boat, listen to me, let the fishing boat go backwards.

He strolled over and asked Hey, little guys, what are you doing? Several children glanced back at him, but no cbd raw cacao om edibles one kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients paid any attention to him, but they were very interested in the energetic tiger, leopard and cute and silly my.

Madam learned about it, he krave full-spectrum cbd gummies gave him some of the last remaining crushed ice and helped him support it for a day, which was equivalent to helping him catch another fish.

Mr borrowed the car of the sea monster, returned home and put some useless tools he cbd oil vs edible salve found in the car from cleaning funky farms cbd gummies old verson up the villa and fishing ground before, and went to the beach as well.

Mrs. ordered a taxi in advance and drove them all together Tucked in and sent to the pier, he found his back was soaking wet when the last girl got on the bus Three krave full-spectrum cbd gummies women are worth a flock of ducks, but what about twenty women? It's terrible.

Cbd Gummies Super Chill ?

Seeing that Sir was a little confused, Winnie straightened his collar and explained August 25th, this is the second most important festival for the Inuit people after the Mrs in March Listening to you's introduction, you understood what was going on I lived in the bitter cold of the Arctic Their living environment was extremely harsh and it was not easy to survive Two times a year are very important to them One is in March, when spring comes and the ice and snow melt.

Asik adjusted the curvature of the reclining chairs for the tigers and leopards krave full-spectrum cbd gummies so that they could lie comfortably on them, and then put snacks and milk on them The service made he, the owner, feel embarrassed Montreal is a city located in the southwest of Quebec.

that person will have nothing to eat, understand? The three little guys blinked together, each with a more innocent and harmless expression than the other, but as soon as Mr walked away, the two chased and the kara's orchards cbd gummies ingredients other fled, and started doing it again.

Weini ignored her, feeling annoyed in her heart, just be proud of yourself, when my mother goes back and brings my baby tiger and leopard, I will definitely come and clean you up krave full-spectrum cbd gummies Well, now we can add a pineapple, the kid seems to have a bad temper too.

It is pure cbd gummies 300mg very strange that Seagod's energy has different effects on creatures Sir has not studied it clearly until now, and of course, he has not studied it seriously.

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He was worried that the other party would take the opportunity to collude a confession, so he made a gesture of best cbd gummies that get you high not being allowed to speak, and asked a big man to invite an inspector who could understand Chinese.

words'I' on the card, if they still can't recognize the card identity, it can only show that their knowledge is too gummy watermelon thc shallow But this time the black gold centurion card was also exhausted.

Regardless of its small size, Taihu goose is more expensive, 14 yuan per pound, and 12 yuan for lion head goose we didn't bother to say that he sold directly according to the quantity.

On the table, there was a mess of letters, some closed and some still open guys are you in Write what? It's not a letter of resignation, is it? it asked with a smile.

It is generally difficult for frigate birds to take krave full-spectrum cbd gummies off from flat ground, so their race likes to perch on tall trees, cliffs or the top of tall buildings, and use their altitude to glide and take off Surrounding the crowd, Nimitz flew twice in the air, then lightly folded his wings and flew down.

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If it is auctioned, Mr is confident that it can be sold for one million pounds my even thinks that the highest cbd gummies super chill price for a family letter of five million dollars can be auctioned Miss didn't best cbd gummies that get you high plan to auction for three reasons First, he admired the Strauss and his wife.

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After a distance, the two began to have a heated discussion Oh my God, little Lizi, so handsome, so delicious Please, Qin, should I say this? You are a man, I am a woman Let's take a photo together, shall we? I'll tweet it, it's gonna be cool.

The other pair vegan thc gummies california was not much older than Mr, and the man among them, we, also knew Sir Chr tien whom he met in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

So, now all we have to do is cover the plastic film, what kind of film did you bring? Polyethylene or PVC? you rubbed his hands and asked Bill directed Nelson and Bird to pull open the plastic film, laughed and said, Man, you underestimate me like this Why would you use such an ordinary film for a greenhouse worth 150,000 yuan? What I bring to you is the she Film.

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Beginning in 1861, when they spent 530 in Tiffany's store, he bought a set of pearl jewelry for his wife, Mary, so that she could wear it at the swearing-in ceremony of the president's re-election Since then, other American presidents and foreign heads of state have followed suit The brooch worn by his wife Michelle on the inauguration hall of the last I came from Tiffany.

What's there? He checked the hot springs, the small farms, the woods, and the fulmars, and they were all fine After the tiger and the leopard ran back, they also began to whine in confusion Mr hugged them and asked what was wrong They looked at it with puzzled faces, as if they had encountered something embarrassing.

For three or four krave full-spectrum cbd gummies days in a row, every day when it woke up, he went to get back the camera to study He attached so much importance to this matter that everyone in the fishery became nervous.

The reason for this oolong is that the pronunciation krave full-spectrum cbd gummies of'Qin' is similar to that of'Jin' Mrs. pronounce Sir as'Dajin Fishing Farm' In English, the surname Jin is spelled'King' and this word can be translated as' ' in the surname, and the translations are'king'emperor'overlord' at other times such as.