Gun Control Groups Support Joe Biden’s Candidacy

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Two of the nation’s leading gun control groups voiced their support for Joe Biden on Monday, the latest indication that Bernie Sanders’ erratic record on the matter could weigh on his Democratic candidacy.

Everytown for Gun Safety and Brady announced their support for the former vice president.

The Everytown for Gun Safety fund plans to spend $ 60 million on election activities during this cycle, and some of those funds will go to support the election of Biden. A spokesman said the organization transmits announcements on a regular basis and engages with groups that organize acts of the candidates it supports, although it is unknown when the group will begin to invest on behalf of Biden.


The group, whose co-founder is former New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg, also has 6 million supporters and more than 375,000 grassroots donors, figures that could boost attention and support for Biden’s presidential candidacy nationwide.

Brady, another leading firearm violence prevention group, backed Biden on Sunday. The group said in a statement that, as a senator, Biden worked in collaboration with Jim and Sarah Brady to approve the iconic Brady Project, which requires a mandatory background check for arms sales. Biden also sponsored the 1994 federal ban on the sale of assault rifles.

“Joe Biden has worked with the firearms violence prevention movement, with victims and with legislators throughout his career,” said Brady President Kris Brown. “We know him and he knows us. We know he will work to create this change.”

Biden said he was honored with the support and regretted that the high rates of gun violence in the United States have become “normal” for most citizens. For those related to gun violence, “normal is a nightmare,” Biden said.