Gustavo Petro And Rodolfo Hernández Will Go To The Second Round In Colombia, According To The Preliminary Count

The left-wing candidate, Gustavo Petro, will compete in the second round on June 19 against the real estate businessman, Rodolfo Hernández. Petro got 40.34% of the votes, equivalent to more than 8.5 million votes, while Hernández is in second place, with 28.17%, almost 6 million votes, according to data from the pre-count of the National Registry.

Federico “Fico” Gutiérrez, of the right-wing coalition Team for Colombia, has failed to enter the second round although he was preferred to fight Petro, according to polls. In the last report, Gutiérrez reaches 23.88% with more than 5 million votes.


Gutiérrez, a 47-year-old civil engineer, mayor of Medellín between 2016 and 2020, said he will support Rodolfo Hernández in the second round. “We will vote for Rodolfo [Hernández] and Marelen [Castillo] next June 19,” said Gutiérrez in his first statements after learning of the preliminary result.

“Gustavo Petro for everything he has said and for what he has done is not convenient for Colombia, it would be a danger to democracy, to freedoms, to the economy, to our families and to our children. That option would be a danger for the country,” Hernández said, although he clarified that they will not be part of an eventual Hernández government.

Gustavo Petro, from the Historical Pact, a long-st anding political candidate, is an economist, was part of the M-19 until 1990, has been a congressman four times and was elected mayor of Bogotá in 2011. Three times a candidate for president, in 2018 he lost in the second round against Iván Duque.

Hernández, a real estate businessman, in 2016 became mayor of Bucaramanga, capital of the department of Santander, where he governed until 2021, when he left office to register his candidacy for president. “Today the country lost to politicking and corruption,” said Rodolfo Hernández, a 77-year-old civil engineer, after hearing the result. Hernández arrives outside party structures and bases his campaign on the rejection of traditional politics.

“Now we enter the second half. These next few days will be decisive in determining the future of the country”, said Hernández is the great surprise of this election, a candidate who has managed to gain a foothold in this election with a campaign based on the fight against corruption, “political machinery” and criticism of traditional politics.

“I am not naive about the resistance that there will be against a government determined to end politicking and corruption, especially by some of those who have felt they are owners of this country,” said Hernández, who will seek to seduce those that in the previous elections they voted for Iván Duque, former president Álvaro Uribe’s candidate, but that they feel disenchanted with politics.

The big loser this Sunday was the center candidate, Sergio Fajardo, from Centro Esperanza, with less than a million votes, representing 4.2% of the total.



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