Guterres: “A Virus Has Brought Us To Our Knees And We Have Not Known How To Fight It”

The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, criticized this Thursday the international response to the coronavirus pandemic, regretting that the countries have not been able to coordinate and stop the advance of the disease.


“A virus has brought us to our knees and we have not been able to combat it effectively. It is now spreading everywhere. There was no control, there was no effective coordination between the Member States. We are divided in the fight against COVID-19”, noted at a virtual press conference.

Guterres recalled that this “microscopic virus has brought catastrophic consequences” to the world and has made evident systemic problems that were already there, aggravating the loss of confidence of citizens in politicians and institutions.

“In the face of these weaknesses, international leaders have to be humble and recognize the vital importance of unity and solidarity,” defended the Portuguese diplomat.

The head of the United Nations recognized that it is impossible to predict what will happen from now on: “We are in the middle of the fog.”

On the management of the UN itself, Guterres said that the organization has mobilized to “save lives, control the transmission of the virus and reduce the economic impact.”

For example, he highlighted the distribution of millions of protective equipment, the education support that has been given to 155 million children, the training offered to 2 million health workers and community workers, or his campaign to ensure that the most vulnerable countries have financial aid from abroad.

Looking ahead to recovery, Guterres insisted that you cannot simply go back to the past and recreate systems “that have aggravated the crisis.”

“We have to rebuild better with more sustainable, inclusive and gender-equal societies and economies,” she said, stressing that it is time to invest in clean energy and generate decent jobs.



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