Gwyneth Paltrow Clarifies If Her Children Are Ashamed Of The Products She Sells

The actress explained the opinion of her children about the sale of her peculiar products through her website.

The products that Gwyneth Paltrow promote through the empire Goop, Attributing healing or beneficial properties to health without any scientific evidence, they have not only undermined their credibility with certain sectors of public opinion, but have also earned them endless criticism from their own family.


His 13-year-old son, for example, did not always see with good eyes that he recommended to his readers gold vibra tors valued at 15 thousand dollars or that he proclaimed to the four winds the benefits of saunas and vaginal eggs based on his own experience.

However, eventually Moses has changed his mind – either because he has bothered to read some of Goop’s articles or because he has discovered that his mother’s welfare empire is valued at $ 250 million – and he He has become his biggest fan.

“The other day my son confessed to me that at first it was very embarrassing for him to sell vibrators on our website, but now it seems like a great idea. His exact words were: ‘You are a feminist, mom. You are a tough guy'”, She has now revealed the retired actress, without being able to hide a certain pride, as she passes through Jimmy Kimmel’s program.

The situation changes a lot when it comes to Gwyneth’s firstborn, also the result of her former marriage to Chris Martin. The young Apple does not support the interpreter to publish photographs of her on her social networks or rub shoulders with her at public events.

“My daughter believes that I am terribly humiliating. Anything I do in public, beyond speaking or standing still in a corner, is like a kind of provocation and gets me to say immediately: ‘By God, stop it! “, he explained recently as he passed by another talk show, that of Ellen DeGeneres.