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CELEBRITIES ‘I Am Respectful, I Know You Are Married’, Says Mr. Tempo About Chiquis Rivera …

For days now, the spotlight has been on Chiquis Rivera , as it is said that she would have found a new love … However, it seems that the singer is not interested in seeking romance, but is focused on growing the empire she has built over the years. The singer has been living together lately with businessman Jorge Cueva , known as  Mr. Tempo, and the rumors have not been long in coming. In fact, the businessman and the artist met in Mexico last weekend, along with other people.

There are those who assure that Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter would have already forgotten Lorenzo Méndez , but there is nothing about that, because it was Cueva himself who denied that he has a relationship with the 35-year-old singer.

Lorenzo and Chiquis announced a week ago that they had made the decision to separate, after giving themselves a chance last weekend, the restaurant entrepreneur, owner and founder of King & Queen Cantina and Tempo Kitchen, spoke about the relationship he has with Chiquis to the cameras of Suelta la Sopa (Telemundo) , and clarified that his only link with the interpreter It is of a business in nature, since they are about to start several businesses.

She is a friend, a very good friend. I’ve known her for four years. We invited her to the opening (of one of her restaurants), she has come twice. It is beautiful, but no, nothing to see. I am respectful, I know she is married, -he said.

Pedro Prieto, Salvador Zerboni and Alexis Ayala were at Chiquis and Mr. Tempo’s business meeting last weekend, in Mexico

The businessman revealed in scoop that what he did have with Chiquis were many plans to work together. “I’m doing business with her, two very strong millionaire businesses, I can’t say what it is. A business is already done, and it is for her. One of my companies, I’m going to give the image to her; that she be the representative of the company with my partner ”.

The reporters asked Mr. Tempo if he has considered the option of having another type of relationship with Chiquis, in case she signs the divorce with Lorenzo Méndez, to which Cueva replied with a laugh: “That is if I am not going to comment. , I don’t get into fights (problems). No comment”.

Mr. Tempo said he only has business with Chiquis


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