Hailey Baldwin Wants Selena Gomez To Forgive Justin Bieber, Why?

A source close to the model says that after her husband acknowledged her infidelity, she hopes Selena will forgive him publicly

Recently Justin Bieber r economized in an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music who had been unfaithful to his ex, Selena Gomez, as well as his current wife, the model Hailey Baldwin when they were starting their relationship.


Among other things, the Canadian confessed: “‘Like her [Hailey] He loved me, seeing me with other people hurt a lot and, that said, she also did things that hurt me. And it was too much pain: I had hurt her, and she hurt me … Before all that, in my previous relationship, I disappeared and did crazy things and behaved like a savage; I didn’t think about anyone but me, ”he said Justin Bieber.

This confession opened a not-so-old wound in Hailey, but she took her husband’s confessions well and is proud of her honesty.

And now that Justin took a step towards redemption, Hailey She wants a little more progress in this mess of infidelities, but not in her relationship, but in her husband’s situation with her famous ex, Selena Gomez.

“Hailey couldn’t be more proud of her husband, with whom she has been married for more than a year, she is supporting him… Justin can’t believe all the changes he has made in his life and feels so blessed since Hailey entered in her. He is convinced that she has made him a more mature person, who can talk about his past with reason and acceptance, ”said a source close to the couple at the site Hollywood Life


According to this source, the intention of Justin Bieber When it comes to confessing your infidelities it is not advertising or increasing the sales of your records, you really feel the need to be transparent. And being honest, the couple expects that Selena I can finally forgive the Canadian.

“He is not making these statements just to sell music, he is actually (a consequence of) the person he is today. And Hailey really loves the person she is and he is very proud to be able to talk about his mistakes with his ex, like Selena, because she is getting the best version of him.

“Hailey and Justin will not focus specifically on Selena and that is why he never really named her, but they both hope she can forgive him after this latest revelation and finally be able to move on,” the source said.

The question is whether to Selena Gomez he is interested in making peace with Justin or if you simply turned the page and this topic is the one that worries you the least.