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Hailey Bieber Confesses To Resorting To Therapy To Deal With Haters

Justin Bieber’s wife has repeatedly referred to the negative emotional impact that, for her, comes from the teasing and destructive criticism she receives in the virtual sphere.

The model Hailey Bieber, the singer’s wife Justin Bieber , has again publicly open up about the harsh impact that all the “negativity” that she usually receives on social networks has for her, specifically that derived from the ridicule, destructive criticism and other cruel comments that she has been enduring since her media profile will increase notably on account of the love story that lives with the interpreter.

In that sense, Alec Baldwin’s niece revealed that her psychological therapy sessions have helped her a lot when it comes to learning to cope with such levels of harassment.

In addition, she has occupied her sessions to reinforce her self-esteem and make her more immune to the degrading and humiliating messages that she has traditionally been subjected to.

“The way I deal with all that negative attention goes through … Well, I talk a lot about it with my therapist and I think therapy is very valuable in that sense,” explained the model as she passed through the podcast ‘Going for Goal ‘, linked to Women’s Health magazine.

Likewise, Hailey recognizes that being married to the Canadian star, who has also had to face high levels of harassment and virtual abuse throughout her long professional career, has in some way served her to have a mirror in which to look at herself.

“I can also say that I am married to someone who has suffered from this for much longer than I have, so I have a clear reference on how to handle the situation. Having the opportunity to share what happens to me with someone who understands me so well has been a great help in this regard, “he added in their conversation.

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