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Haiti Arrests 3 Policemen And Installs New Prime Minister

PORT-AU-PRINCE (AP) – Haitians held official ceremonies Tuesday in honor of slain President Jovenel Moïse, installing a new interim leader and arresting at least three police officers implicated in the assassination.

Prime Minister Designate Ariel Henry was sworn in to replace Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who took over the reins of the Haitian government with the support of the police and military after the July 7 attack on Moïse’s private residence.

“I am from a school that believes in dialogue,” said Henry, asking for unity and promising to meet with various sectors in the coming days to build consensus. “The Haitian people are the solution to the crisis.”

Henry, a neurosurgeon by profession and a former cabinet minister, has vowed to create an interim consensual government to run the country until elections are held. He said that he has already met with various figures from the national political sphere, civil society and the private sector.

The government released the names that will make up Henry’s cabinet. The ministers of Justice, Economy, Finance, Agriculture, among others, will retain their positions.

In the courtyard of the National Pantheon Museum in downtown Port-au-Prince, a crowd of international dignitaries and Haitian officials gathered in the shadow of a bougainvillea to commemorate Moïse, whose murder shocked the nation.

A huge portrait of the assassinated president hung behind Joseph as he addressed the mourners. “The president is dead for his political and social convictions,” he declared.

Joseph accused oligarchs and criminals of assassinating the character of the president and then the president himself. He asked everyone to seize the moment as an opportunity to find a common purpose and viable and lasting solutions.

Moïse was shot several times and his wife was seriously injured, and although the authorities have arrested at least 26 people related to the case, it is still unknown who was the intellectual responsible for the assassination.

Police Chief Léon Charles announced four additional arrests Tuesday, three of whom are police officers, whose ranks were not disclosed.

“There was infiltration of the police,” he said.

Police identified the fourth non-police suspect as Dominick Cauvin.

A person named Dominick Cauvin has lived in South Florida, and in recent years has resided in Miami, Miami Beach and Pembroke Pines, according to public records. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is an independent security consultant; His private Instagram account indicates that he is the founder and owner of Armotech International Corp and Armotech Group SA, in Haiti.

Cauvin is currently listed as the CEO of a Pembroke Pines, Florida-based company named Armotech International Corp, which was registered with the state on November 2, 2020, according to public records. He created another company with a similar name, Armotech Group Inc., in early January 2020, although the company was dissolved in April 2021, according to records.

Authorities previously said they had detained and isolated – but not formally arrested – several senior police officers as they tried to determine how the perpetrators of the attack were able to reach the president without injuring his guards.

Haitian Elections Minister Mathias Pierre told The Associated Press on Monday that Joseph would resign and leave the job to Henry, who had been appointed by Moïse shortly before his assassination but had not yet assumed office.

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