Hard Cross Accusations Between Donald Trump And Nancy Pelosi In The White House For The US Withdrawal From Syria

At a press conference, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and the majority leader in the House of Representatives, Steny Hoyer, said Trump insulted Pelosi, calling it "a third-level policy," and that the meeting deteriorated to become a tirade by the president of the United States.

“What we witnessed was a nervous breakdown of the president. It is sad to say, ”Pelosi told reporters when she and the other Democratic leaders left the White House.

The president of the lower house of Congress said Trump made a tantrum because of the number of Republicans who joined the Democrats to pass a resolution condemning the president’s decision to withdraw US forces from northeastern Syria, a measure that has been considered by critics such as a green light from the US government to the military offensive launched by Turkey against Kurdish militias in northern Syria.


“I think that vote hit the president. Because he was shaken by it, ”said Pelosi after leaving the White House. "And that's why we couldn't continue in the meeting because it reached a point where it didn't relate to reality."

Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy left the building later and accused Pelosi of leaving the meeting furiously. There was still no official response from the White House.

The House of Representatives of the United States voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday against the decision of Donald Trump to withdraw US troops from northern Syria, shows the fierce bipartisan rejection of the president's controversial policy.

The resolution supported by Democrats and Republicans is the first condemnation of Congress to Trump's decision, which has been considered by critics as a green light of the US government to the military offensive launched by Turkey against Kurdish militias in northern Syria.

The lower house "opposes the decision to end certain US efforts to avoid Turkish military operations against Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria," notes the non-binding resolution passed by 354 votes against 60.

He also urges Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to "immediately cease unilateral military actions" in the area and urges continued US humanitarian support to Kurdish communities in Syria.

Shortly before the vote, Trump belittled the Kurds who fought as US allies in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS), noting that "they are not angels."

“I did not give it a green light. When you say something like that it is misleading. It was the opposite of a green light. To begin with, we hardly had any soldiers there. The biggest game had already taken place, ”Trump said, hours before Vice President Mike Pence traveled to meet Erdogan with a view to trying to stop the fire in Syria.

With information from Reuters and AFP



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