Haret Ortega Exposes Córdova For Being a ‘chapulín’ With a League

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 11.26.2021 12:53:43

Both have passed through America and now Haret Ortega exhibited Sebastián Córdova for being ‘chapulín’ with a league of the Toluca player after he was asked which footballer he dislikes in a Twitch transmission.


The defender of the Red Devils made it clear that Córdovano dislikes him, since they did not deal much with each other during his time at Coapa, but he did expose him for being a ‘grasshopper’ with a girl he was talking to.

‘I do not like him (he repeats three times), I clarify, because I did not have to treat him, but because I was a’ chapulín ‘with a girl that I got to talk to … I got along with the girl, when I spoke to him he also she talked and followed her and stopped following her, ”he said.

“After that I stopped talking to him … a long time ago … and I saw that they follow each other, but I am not going to say who he is because he is the ’10’ of the Ame, so we are not going to say who he is.”

Haret is a few years younger than Córdova, so they did not coincide in the basic forces, but they did in the first team of America, where Ortega made his debut on January 18, 2020, a tournament in which Sebastián was already back with the azulcremas.

In the youth environment, the term ‘chapulinear’ is when a friend or stranger arrives with the woman with whom another person is flirting in order to ‘get her off’.