Harrison Ford, Desperate For Donald Trump's "lack Of Courage"

The American actor Harrison Ford stormed Tuesday at the Climate Summit (COP25) in Madrid to wrap the Democratic candidate for the presidency of his country Michael Bloomberg, who delivered a report with his climate program to the UN secretary executive of the Convention Patricia Espinosa.

The arrival of Ford aroused a huge stir among the media, which gathered in the limited space of the United States pavilion until the end of the act, after which the actor held a meeting with the president of the acting Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, and with the Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera.

In his speech, Harrison Ford, who has stood out in recent years for his involvement with the environment, reproached the "lack of courage" of the US president, Republican Donald Trump, absent in this XXV United Nations Conference on Climate change.


"I feel desperate," said Ford, "for the state of the world, for a future that includes my five children, my three grandchildren and their children; people are scared, angry."

He demanded a "brave action by governments" to accelerate the transition to an emission-free economy, after which he lamented the "lack of courage" of his country's president for announcing his intention to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.

The actor, who is an ambassador for the Conservation International organization, urged to fight against deforestation and the loss of biodiversity and to "listen to young people from all over the world, whose future -he stressed- is in our hands (…) I have hope in which collective actions lead us to that end. "

In the act "Accelerating America's Pledge" (Bloom Accelerating the promise of America), Bloomberg presented his climate program to Patricia Espinosa, contained in a document entitled 'The commitment of the United States'.

The report advocates a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States by 49 percent by 2030 compared to 2005, with the aim of "sending the message that the United States has not abandoned the fight against climate change, but is willing to intensify it. "

Patricia Espinosa thanked the "particular fight for the weather" starring Michael Bloomberg, who, along with former California Governor Jerry Brown, is promoting the "We are still in" initiative to symbolize the United States commitment to the climate , against Trump's claims.

Espinosa described the climate program of the Democratic candidate and former mayor of New York as "fantastic and critical", which means "support at this time of climatic emergency in which everything we do to avoid its effects is welcome."

"Thank you for such enthusiasm," said the executive secretary of the United Nations, who stressed the "enormous responsibility" of people "with influence" with future generations.




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