Harry Styles Talks About His Assault And Reveals How He Escaped The Criminals

The singer spoke for the first time about the robbery of which he was a victim in February, in full Valentine’s Day.

The news that Harry Styles He had been the victim of robbery at the end of Valentine’s Day while returning to his mansion in the London neighborhood of Hampstead at dawn ran like gunpowder and left his fans very worried.


At first, the singer had refused to share details of what happened, just confirming that he was well and unharmed, but now he has recounted what happened that night to reveal how he managed to escape his assailants.

“I was returning home to see a friend. I was five minutes from my door and I saw a group of boys wearing hoods and faces covered, and that seemed a bit odd. I turned off the music I was listening to as I kept walking down the street and was glancing over my shoulder, I realized that they had crossed the street in my direction and then I heard noise of hurried footsteps, as if trying to reach me, so I crossed the road and they did the same Then I said to myself: ‘Fuck, I think they’re going to assault me,’ “he said on the Howard Stern radio show.

The strangers tried to sell him marijuana after getting to his height, but realizing his lack of interest and his cautious attitude, they asked him to give them everything he had on him: “He only had some money in his pocket, so I told him and I took it out for them to see, and they took it. “

The situation quickly got worse when they demanded that he also hand over his mobile phone: although Harry was willing to lose his iPhone because he could block the terminal later remotely, he flatly refused to unlock it, just as the criminals wanted, because he would give them access to their social networks and endless personal information.

“One of the guys told me to put the key in my cell phone and another one lifted his shirt so he could see that he had a knife in his pants, and there I thought: ‘Shit.’ I told him I was sorry, but I couldn’t To do so, I couldn’t unlock the phone. And he replied, ‘You have ten seconds,’ and he started counting. I didn’t know what to do, fuck. Should I give them my phone? “

Just then, the artist saw two cars approaching and jump to the road to try to get the attention of the drivers and get help, but none stopped, so he decided to play it and take advantage of that distraction to flee.

“I turned around and ran in a hurry to the residential area where I live. I usually wear sneakers and comfortable clothes when I move on foot, but just that day I had put on corduroy bell pants and dress shoes. No I could believe that I was going to have to run up the hill like that. I kept running and I guess, since they already had the money, they ended up getting tired and turned around, “said the singer to conclude his story.