Harvest 2020 Could Be Played In 12 States And 20 Stadiums

The Best League Baseball (MLB), is still looking for alternatives to develop the 2020 season of the Major Leagues and now the possibility of playing in 10 or 12 cities and 20 stadiums is looming, this being another scenario to start the best baseball in the world.

Ken Rosenthal reports that between 10 and 12 states and an estimated 20 venues can be held in the MLB 2020 games, considering the cities of Arizona, Florida and Texas as the main ones.

This new alternative arises as a possible measure to resolve the 2020 campaign and can be executed until the health situation returns to normal in the United States and the coronavirus reduces its mortality level in the country.


Meanwhile, the Majors office will work on presenting the proposal in a formal manner and discussing it with the MLB Players Association.

After the MLB assured that the 2020 harvest had to be played, the possible scenarios for it arise daily and the venues grow to recover the year of Major League Baseball.

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– Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) April 28, 2020



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