Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Suggesting Murder Of Jennifer Aniston

In a series of emails that came to light, the producer reportedly suggested murdering Jennifer, after betraying him.

After being found guilty for the crime of sexual abuse , there are still some loose ends in the case of Harvey weinstein , one of them is the sentence that will be announced this Wednesday.
Although a series of emails recently came to light where, in addition to proving that the producer is a violent person, his intentions against Jennifer Aniston.


According to the portal Page Six, in 2017 a friend of Harvey informed him in an email that Jennifer was about to give an interview for the magazine Esquire, where he would talk about the sexual harassment he experienced on the part of the producer, “Jennifer confessed to a friend that, in 2005 during the production of DerailedWeinstein sexually harassed her, putting her against the wall while touching her. ”

According to the media, 45 minutes later, Weinstein The email replied saying “Jennifer Aniston should be killed.”

By the way, the interview I had planned Esquire never came to light, since Stephen Huvanepublicist Jennifer contacted with the publication to ask him not to publish anything, since, according to him it was false testimonies, “Jennifer was never harassed by Harvey weinstein. They never had the opportunity to get too close to touch it, and they were never alone, “said the publicist.

Although Stephen denied any kind of improper approach from Harvey to Jennifer, in 2009, the actress confessed in an interview for the portal Variety Although he did not sexually harass her, he did have questionable behaviors.

The events happened during the Derailed premiere dinner, Jennifer was sitting together to Clive Owen, who was the protagonist of the film and a friend of the member of Friends. A short time later, the producer asked Clive to leave so that he could dine alone with her. “He just showed such a high level of stupidity with that dirty behavior,” he said. Jennifer.

For now, it is still a mystery whether that suggestion actually occurred. Jennifer or was it just a misunderstanding between the magazine Equire and the publicist of the actress, but the truth is that Weinstein faces up to 29 years in prison when he is sentenced.