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Hastee Reaches An Agreement With Nudge To Improve The Health And Financial Well-being Of Its Employees In Spain – ORH

Hastee announces an exclusive agreement with Nudge, the world’s leading provider of financial education content, with the aim of improving the health and financial well-being of millions of employees in Spain. Thanks to this alliance, Hastee users can access through the app personalized content based on the personal characteristics and interests of the employee.

At Hastee we promote the financial health of employees by helping them to have greater control over their personal finances, reducing uncertainty and financial stress. Through our platform, the most complete on the market, we offer employees access to the salary generated when they need it, including extra payments, but also savings services and exclusive discounts. By signing this agreement with Nudge, we offer our clients a financial education module that helps them better manage their money and improve their family finances, which is undoubtedly a differential aspect of our value proposition. Jaime Jiménez, COO of Hastee.

Nudge, working with world leading companies such as Heineken, Virgin, Santander, Visa, Vodafone or Johnson & Johnson, chooses the Hastee platform to offer its clients’ employees access to its more than 25 different areas of personal finance. Its methodology is based on using the perspective of behavioral psychology to segment the contents according to the person and their interests and, in this way, make better decisions. “We call it ‘improving the financial well-being equation’, we are more empowered, we reduce uncertainty and worry and, as a consequence, we are happier. This is the formula that allows us to improve the financial happiness of the workers and reinforce the bond and improve the productivity of the employees with their companies in a sustained way over time ”, adds Jaime.

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The financial skills and knowledge imparted through a premium and personalized education are vital to ensuring that employees can make positive decisions when it comes to their financial well-being. We love that Hastee shares this philosophy and we are excited to be able to help its users navigate an area of ​​their lives that can otherwise be difficult. It is very important that both employees and employers understand the impact financial well-being has on the way we approach work. Our research consistently shows that if we can reduce the stress of money management, the most controllable area of ​​mental health, it can have a significant positive impact on people’s overall well-being and happiness. Tim Perkins, co-founder of Nudge.


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