He Broke The Record! Anastasiya Kvitko And The Smallest Swimsuit You've Ever Seen

Anastasiya Kvitko broke into the networks and finally came to stay. The voluptuous Russian model became popular for its pronounced curves and soon took advantage of those qualities to boost its clothing brand and thus succeed in the business world.

With more than 10 million followers, the young woman from Russia uses her social networks to promote her line of swimsuits and who better than herself to model the different designs.

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This time, the Russian Kim Kardashian put on a swimsuit that is a real hell, so small that it seems invisible in her shocking figure.

Far from Russia the young businesswoman is enjoying the sun in Miami, United States, from where she shares most of her posts wearing the best designs of her bikinis, as well as her figure that does not go unnoticed.

Now the impressive young woman stood with her back to pose near the sea. You can see a lot of vegetation giving a jungle style to the area. But what is most striking is the pants that seems to be woven. The truth is that it opens in its design and with the attribute of Ana it is close to bursting … Beautiful!