He Claimed To Be The "perfect" Babysitter, But He Actually Produced Videos Of Child Pornography With Minors In California | Univision Criminality News

LOS ANGELES, Calif.- Travis Elconin, a 35-year-old babysitter, promoted himself on the Internet as the "perfect caregiver" of children and that helped him have many clients in Los Angeles County. That image collapsed on Monday, when a federal judge sentenced him to spend 30 years behind bars for producing child pornography with at least five children who were in his care.

According to the federal indictment, most of his victims were between eight and nine years old. He filmed them performing sexual acts with his iPhone 8 cell phone. In his plea agreement he confessed that four children appear in his illegal videos. Prosecutors allege that he abused a total of five minors. Investigators, however, have identified eight other alleged victims since their arrest on January 9.

This child caregiver who offered his services in Burbank, a city located 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles, was first on the German police radar in November 2018. By that time he had already exchanged more than 100,000 messages for two years Encrypted with European pedophiles.


"In those messages they discussed child sexual abuse and the exchange of such images," the federal prosecutor said in a statement.

The German authorities notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of these crimes, which obtained an arrest warrant against Elconin and reviewed its electronic devices.

On March 18, this man pleaded guilty to two counts of child pornography production. This Monday, a federal judge in Los Angeles sentenced him to 360 months in jail and ordered him to be released supervised for the rest of his life. You will also have to register as a child sexual predator.

"Elconin used his position as a babysitter to exploit and abuse children in his care, presenting himself as the" perfect caregiver, "which prompted several families, including his friends, to hire him," says the Department of Justice (DOJ).

One of the classified ads he posted on the Internet said: "I know how important it is as a parent to know that your children are safe when you're not around. That will be my top priority."

Judicial documents mention that between August 2016 and November 2018 he spoke with several families about how well his work was doing. Their goal was to "sexually abuse their minor children and make sexually explicit videos with their iPhone 8," says the Prosecutor's Office.

This case was investigated by the FBI with the help of the German Bundeskriminalamt Police and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff.

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