He Did Not Stop Jumping While Brushing His Teeth, Falls And Pierces His Throat

Celeste Gravenmier ignored his father's instructions and continued to jump on the bed while he had his toothbrush in his mouth, but a bad step would cause a huge hole in his throat.

Mitchell Gravenmier, his father, had taken Celeste and his two-year-old brother Matthew to bed when the dramatic episode occurred.

He said he had asked them to stop jumping while brushing their teeth. He got distracted from talking with his wife, Victoria, in a matter of seconds and heard an agonizing scream.


"Celeste was sitting on her bed jumping from side to side and I was telling her to stop. The children brush their teeth sitting there to keep them from running," Mitchell told The Sun.

"I turned around for a second to talk to my wife and when I turned around again, Celeste was falling forward."

The five-year-old girl stood up and her father could see that there was some blood around her, but she never imagined that the injury was worse than she thought.

"I thought I could have hurt my gums or bit my lip, but then with my flashlight, I discovered a very large hole in the back of his mouth. It was about an inch," he explained.

At that moment, Celeste was crying because her mouth quickly filled with blood and began to get scared.

He immediately took her to the hospital and had a CT scan to verify that her blood vessels or arteries were in danger.

The results showed that they were well, however, it was necessary to undergo emergency surgery to close the wound.

"The palate was damaged towards the back of the mouth, in the area of ​​the throat and the area of ​​the lesion is what you use to emit certain sounds," said the father.

The operation took approximately two and a half hours, as the place was very difficult to reach.

Fortunately, the child is already back home with her parents after the complicated intervention. You should now follow a diet of soft foods and liquids for the next two weeks.

"Celeste has returned more or less to her normal and happy state, but she is upset because she still can't use glasses or straws to sip. We have to be strict to make sure she stays hydrated," Mitchell said.

"Now she is very nervous about brushing her teeth. She has a little fear about it," he admitted.

Although for the moment everything is going well, doctors warned them that their daughter could have problems in the future to make certain sounds.

After the spectacular incident, the young man wants to alert other parents to watch their children while brushing their teeth.

"Feel free to share so that other people are more aware of what might happen," he concluded.

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