He Robs An Excavator, Sneaks Into The Mercedes-Benz Factory In Vitoria And Destroys Vans Worth "millions Of Euros"

A man destroyed fifty vans, other vehicles, fences and more material from the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vitoria at dawn this Thursday with an excavator. The individual, who has already been identified by the Police, has stolen the excavator in a factory in another town and has broken into the facilities that the German automobile company – the main one in Euskadi – has in the vicinity of the city. According to police sources, the first estimates point to damages worth “millions of euros”.

The Ertzaintza points out that the arrested man is a 38-year-old man who, accused of damage, has been transferred to police stations awaiting to be brought to justice. According to this same body, he has stolen the backhoe from another company in the town of Legutiano and has also caused damage to the public highway along the twenty-one kilometer route that separates this place from the Mercedes-Benz plant.




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