He Took It Apart And Then Gave Him a Hug: How a Teacher Avoided a Tragedy In a School | Univision Trending News

A 19-year-old boy unleashed panic at an Oregon high school when he pulled out a rifle on campus, but authorities say the teenager was not looking to hurt his classmates. The intervention of a school coach avoided what could have been a tragedy, because the teenager confessed that he was looking for suicide.

The video of the incident, which after becoming public has gone viral, shows how the master removes the weapon and then hugs him.

Ángel Granados-Díaz "never shot while on campus or intentionally aimed at anyone with her except himself," Multnomahen County Prosecutor's Office said in a statement. The rifle had only one round of ammunition, he said.


The young man pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a firearm in a public building and will now spend 36 months on probation. As part of the agreement with the prosecution, you will immediately receive psychological assistance and substance abuse treatment.

Deputy Attorney General Parakram Singh said the sentence is appropriate because it allows him to be held responsible for having carried a loaded weapon to the school, but also gives him the opportunity to "overcome this incident and continue healing."

The incident occurred on May 17 shortly before noon at Parkrose High School. Granados-Díaz had told another student that he intended to commit suicide. When the young man reported it, the school's management sent coach Keanon Lowe to look for him. The young man was already in the bathroom with the rifle.

Upon leaving, Lowe managed to disarm him and give the weapon to another teacher. Immediately, he offered his support to the teenager, who was visibly upset. The rifle was confiscated and will be destroyed, the prosecution said.

The authorities also recalled that there is help available for those who need it and people willing to listen and help.

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