“He Was The One To Whom I Inherited The Voice”, Alejandro Fernández Dedicates Prize To His Dad

The singer received recognition for his musical career and his brief speech moved those present for the special dedication he led.

Alejandro Fernandez, The foal, excited yesterday by dedicating emotional words to his dad, the singer Vicente Fernandez after winning the Lo Nuestro Prize with the Musical Legacy category.


“He was the one to whom I inherited the voice, the inspiration for this music and the tools to stand out,” he explained.

The foal He took the opportunity to apologize for his absence on his father’s most recent birthday. “This award is for you. I want to congratulate you on your birthday and I couldn’t be. I dedicate it to you father,” he said.

Before receiving the award, Alejandro Fernandez He performed the song “Te Olvide”, from his most recent album, “Made in Mexico” and which continues the tour during this 2020. This is the thirty-second installment of the Lo Nuestro Prize that recognizes the best of Latin music.

The Jalisco has also won two Latin Grammy Awards and two Billboard Awards. His success in Latin America is not irrelevant because he has won prizes in Viña del Mar, among which two Palmas de Plata and the Silver and Gold Gull in 2001, 2005 and 2015, respectively, stand out.

According Univision, the Mexican singer received the award after his successful and long 28-year career in which he has generated around 23 albums and more than 30 million albums sold, so he is among the most winning Mexican artists and even has A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Just a few days ago The foal emphasized during an interview for the program The fat and the skinny that “I’m super good and I’m better than ever” and as rarely did he also talk about his relationship with his dad, Vicente Fernandez: “He is my mentor, my worst and my best judge.” He also shared that he trusted the interpreter of This jealousy when he had conflicts with his children.

“There were difficult moments of my children when I had to speak very loudly and they ignored me. Then I told my dad to talk to them.”