Health And Wellbeing What Is Migraine And How To Deal With It? | News

Pay attention. If you start to suffer from intense headaches, nausea and intolerance to light or sound, impairing your work or academic activities, see a doctor immediately because you could be suffering from a migraine.

Dr. Héctor Yaya, neurosurgeon from Sisol Salud of the Municipality of Lima, pointed out to the Health and Wellbeing program that, according to a study in Latin America, 12% of the population suffers from migraine, that is, 1 in 10 people faces this evil.

But, what is Migraine ?. The doctor indicates that it is a throbbing headache, rather, a throbbing sensation in the head that is lodged on one side only. This pain may also be accompanied by discomfort behind the eye associated with other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and intolerance to light and sound.


Migraine usually appears in adolescence and can accompany the patient throughout adulthood, becoming a disabling chronic disease due to the intense headaches that limit the person’s daily activities, he said.

Yaya added that this pathology is more frequently observed in females due to the presence of estrogens and hormonal alterations in each menstrual cycle, and that, out of every 3 women, 1 man reports suffering from migraine.

The specialist pointed out that a migraine attack (intense headache) can last at least 4 hours and, in some cases, extend up to 72 hours where the patient requires absolute rest. Many times, he warned, they lose their appetite and prefer to isolate themselves from the rest of the family because they cannot bear any noise.

So far it is not possible to determine exactly the causes that cause migraine, but it is possible to mention some factors that could trigger this pathology. Stress, not sleeping properly and eating some foods affect the appearance of this disease, Yaya warned.

“Migraine is not hereditary. It is a disease very specific to the patient. However, there are some factors that can trigger it such as not sleeping well, being in constant tension and even a series of foods that can cause the onset of a migraine crisis ”, he said.

The reason is that when eating certain foods, the body releases a substance called histamine, present in the tissues of our body and which is the cause of all the symptoms described.

The consumption of chocolates, wines, cured cheeses, some types of seafood and Chinese food (because they contain glutamate) are some of the foods that, unfortunately, can cause a migraine attack, so he recommended avoiding them.

Therefore, in order to better control migraine, early and timely diagnosis is important so that the patient can carry out his normal life without being limited by these symptoms. The prescribed medication helps a lot to control the seizures, but it is necessary that the person does not stop going to their controls periodically, he said.