Health | Is It True That The White Spots On The Nails Are Due To Lack Of Calcium? Sciences

Updated on 10/19/2019 at 03:03

Who did not ask what will be those white spots that appear at the birth of the nail, and if they will be related to the lack of any nutrient?

Diego Sívori, director of the Bachelor of Nutrition at UADE, explains that there is no scientific evidence that these spots indicate any failure: "There is no scientific evidence that correlates calcium deficiency with white spots on the nails," he says.


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Another popular belief is that these spots or marks on the nails are a product of zinc or iron insufficiency, but no scientific support has been found to support this theory. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor whenever we notice something out of the ordinary in the nails.

"The white spots on the nails are known clinically by the name of leuconychia and may be due to the use of certain medications or diseases, but it does not correlate with food," says Sívori.

Anyway, the specialist ensures that we must be aware of the lack of calcium in our body, since this deficiency can manifest itself in symptoms such as cramps, muscle weakness, fatigue, tingling and, in the long term, can lead to osteoporosis.

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