HEALTH – Smile! White Now Goes Word Of Mouth

Although the teeth whitening technique has been used in dental offices for many years to reduce various shades of the original color of dental pieces, in recent times a particular boom has been generated, thanks to popular artists and personalities Television and the show have resorted to this procedure to have a 'total look'.

The dentist Laura de Rodríguez, director of the Elijo Odontomar clinic, explains that teeth whitening, although they are available to everyone, “is not for everyone”, since in order to perform it, the patient must have a completely healthy mouth.

Note that you can not abuse fashion. “The first thing that a person who wants to have a teeth whitening should do is have their teeth cleaned. The patient may have a misaligned tooth, for example, and that will not affect the whitening, because the teeth will be cleared, but they should be healthy. They don't have to be perfect, but they can't have cavities, ”says the specialist.


Before bleaching, it is recommended to perform a patient evaluation to verify that there is no impediment such as deep caries or some type of gum problem.


The time it takes to do this treatment in the office is approximately one hour. After this, dentists give the patient the option to carry out an outpatient treatment to be performed daily for 30 days to reinforce the bleaching.

According to the dentist, teeth whitening can last approximately one year, if the patient follows the instructions of his dentist, including not drinking dark drinks, such as wine and coffee, and if he is going to drink it occasionally, rinse the mouth immediately, since if you drink many drinks of this type, the bleaching lasts less.